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Saved By You……by Kate L. Jessop

saved by you...kate jessop

Can we run away from our past or does it eventually catch up with us……..

This book was so much more than I expected, it was the book that I didn’t want to put down and gripped my heart in just one chapter. When Kate L. Jessop wrote this book she give us the correct amount of love, sex, sass, humour and a storyline that you never want to end.

Lucas is everything a girl would want in a man but he also can’t keep it in his pants and has had alot of women in his bed since moving to Spring Rose Bay. He has demons of his own that he carrys with him everyday but he keeps that well under wraps to the people around him. When Lucas first meets Victoria he knows that he has met his match she isn’t having any of his advances and certainly has no intention of becoming his next conquest. I suppose this makes Lucas more determine but it also intrigues him more as he wants to know everything about her……

Victoria grew up in Spring Rose Bay but moved away after her mother died, she has had a rough life to date but has returned to the Bay to raise her son. Victoria meets Lucas when she walking home from work one night and although she is attracted to him, she feels that she has no place in her life right now for a manbut Lucas is a very determined man and does not give up easily until he wears her down and she agrees to go on a date.

This couple are the perfect match in everyway but will there pasts come back to haunt them and end up pulling them apart or can they ride the storm and come out the other side TOGETHER…..

I couldn’t recommend this book enough it has the perfect balance of anguish, love, heartbreak, loss and anticipation for a happily every after. I would like to congratulate Kate L.Jessop on yet another fantastic book and thank her for giving me the opportunity to beta read it.

I am giving this book a 5* rating