Review…. Dirty Billionaire Trilogy by Meghan March


WOW!!! Here comes Creighton Kara’s and Holly Wickman!!!!!!!!!!!

Creighton Kara is a wealthy billionaire with an attitude and a smoking hot body to go with it. He believes he can have any woman he chooses and never asks then for another date because thats the way he rolls. He first meets Holly Wickman in the bar of his hotel when she was being harassed by a man in the bar on Christmas Eve. That night Creighton and Holly had one amazing night together he simply couldn’t get enough of this woman but he didn’t know her name and when he woke in the morning she was gone…….

Holly Wickman was an up and coming country music singer sensation. Holly had just landed her first record deal and was struggling with the terms of her contract. Holly was raised by her grandmother who had recently passed away and had a estranged relationship with her mother who she blames for her grandmothers death. Due to the terms of her contract Holly hasn’t been with a man in months and as a Christmas present to herself she decides a one night stand no strings would be just what she needs. Holly meets Creighton in the bar of the Plaza hotel where she is staying before she heads home for Christmas. They spend the most amazing night together and she doesn’t tell him her name as all she wants is a one night stand but it was the best night of her life by far…………

Book 1- Dirty Billionaire……..

This book introduces us to Creighton and Holly and there lives before that one night in the Plaza in New York. This book was so gripping, there lives were so different that you had no idea how they could ever entwine them together. After that night Creighton decided he needed to own this woman that had gave him the most amazing night of his life so he decides to make an announcement in hope of finding her because he is not finished with her yet. Will Holly meet his demands and accept his offer????

“I’m going to own this woman body, heart and fucking soul”

Book 2 – Dirty Pleasures……

Holly marries Creighton Karas in Vegas for her own gains. She is in so much trouble with her recording label and she is in hope that Creighton can help her make it right. Holly is everything that all Creightons other ladies weren’t in the bedroom and in his life. She will never obey him completely but has found herself liking his dominant ways in the bedroom. The explicit sex scenes in all these books are off the charts. This book takes us through the start of there relationship as a married couple, how they try to juggle Holly’s touring and Creighton running his empire while being on tour with her. Holly constantly trying to protect her heart because she is scared that she may be starting to fall in love with this dominant man. We see the change in Creighton he can’t explain these feelings that he experiences when she goes out with out telling him or the thought of being apart from her but his exterior to Holly is a dominant, controlling, stubborn man. Can Creighton show Holly his true feeling for her or will it all be too late…….

“If you refer to me as Mrs Creighton Karas in that tone again, I will be writing a song about a nutless wonder”

Book 3 – Dirty Together……

This was the amazing finally. Creighton follows Holly back to her home town to try and put right there differences. When he arrives poor Holly is drunk and singing her heart out in the local bar. He picks her up and puts her back together and vows to stay there with her in her grandmothers house as long as she needs to be there. While they are there Creighton lays his heart on the line to Holly explaining that she is “his life” and that he knows that he hasn’t been clear about his feeling but this is where he shows her. After a few days of bliss together Holly over hears Creighton on a work call and she knows he must return to New York so she tells him to go run his empire. After a few days the Karas Empire in New York go viral on the media and Holly learns why Creighton had to return to New York she has mixed emotions of why did he not tell her? So this was where she was at a cross roads in her life, people telling her to run to Nashville and lay low but her heart told her to run to Creighton and be by his side through this and this is what she did……

Best decision I ever made, Holly, best decision I ever fucking made was making sure that missed connection went viral”

I absolutely loved this Trilogy it was one that I couldn’t put down. It was romantic, erotic, sexy but always held an element of suspension and it absolutely holds a beautiful happily ever after. Its a complete story of fate and what can happen when fate intervenes. Holly and Creighton’s story is one that you won’t forget and will be forever attached to your heart. Click on the links now and download your copies now.

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