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This book was one that I just came across and I loved it. Richard and Katy’s story is full of anticipation, chemistry, commitment, sadness and loyality.

Richard VanRyan is a tyrant by day and a playboy by night. His reputation is no secret to anyone and this has never bothered him until he has to change his ways to get offered a job with a reputable company who have strong family values. This is where Richard makes Katy a proposition much to her surprise….

Katherine (Katy) Elliott is Richard VanRyan’s assistant and is subject to his offensive and tyrant ways in the office day in and day out. The only reason she puts up with him is because she needs the money. Katy’s parents died when she was young and after a tough time in care she was taken in by Penny who raised her as her own and loved her unconditionally. When Penny became ill and Katy could no longer care for her at home, Katy got Penny a room in a good care home but it was taken nearly all her wages a month to keep her there but Katy being the kind hearted person she was didn’t care as long as Penny was happy.

Richard offered Katy a large sum of money to pretend to be his girlfriend and this came as such a surprise to poor Katy as she assumed he hated her and she didn’t care for him much either but they called a truce and what started as girlfriend then led to fiance and then led to wife. Both of them became to rely on each other much to their horror and as time passed and events happened there relationship became something more and “THE CONTRACT” was very much at the back of their minds.

I loved this book you never knew what way it was going to go and the sparks between them was fantastic. I loved how witty Katy could be she was an amazing character in the book and I feel out of all the books I have read she stands out on her own. She was the most kind hearted person and alot of the time Richard did not deserve her kindness. This book was mostly written from Richards POV but I would have loved more chapters from Katy’s POV as she could be very witty.

Best line in the book…………

“Thats it. You want to fuck someone?

Go fuck yourself, VanRyan” 

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