Say You’ll Stay Review – Corinne Michaels


Heart stopping, gripping and completely amazing. This book had me crying, laughing and swooning all over the place I loved reading it and I loved Zachary and Presley’s story.

Presley is a married woman with twin boys her life it pretty perfect until she arrives home from work to find that her husband has betrayed her and in that one afternoon her whole life has fell apart. Presley and her children have been left with nothing and she must return to her home town in Tennessee and work on her parents ranch to help pay her debts. Presley hates the thought of moving back home as she had not visited the town in over a decade because it shared too many memories of her first love Zachary Hennington.

Zachary Hennington is a cowboy and drop dead gorgeous just for good measure. He and Presley were childhood sweethearts had their whole lives planned out together. One day seventeen years ago everything changed and they both went there separate ways with heavy hearts. Now after such a long time can love be given a second chance when Zachary learns that Presley is back in town.

“I’ve never stopped loving her.

I knew I never had, but now theres no way I can deny it.

I’ve moved on in some ways but Presley…shes everything”

There were some fantastic moments in this book mainly the one where there eyes meet across the bar OMG the sparks were flying they couldn’t take there eyes of each other.

One of the funniest moments for me was when Zachary called to see Presley at her office at the Ranch and she got really mad and threw a stappler at him amount other things.

Zachary and Presley were made to love each other. He knew what she was thinking by the look on her face and being with him gave Presley a sense of comfort and assurance that her life would get better. Zachary was determined that he would wait for Presley until she was ready (major swoon).

” I want to see where this goes, and if it works I want to take care of you.

Theres alot of shit we have to work through. This isn’t going to be easy Darlin’

I don’t ever want to hurt you”

This book is most definitely the perfect example of a second chance romance, of two people who are destined to be together but have taken different paths in the past but are now brought together. It contained a lot of emotion, hurt, grief, betrayal, loss and love but they are were brought across really well by Corinne Michaels in the writing of the book and I feel this is what gripped me to it.

Definitely a book that touched my heart and I couldn’t recommend it enough and I give it a 5+ stars!!!!

My favorite quote from the book……………………..

” I loved you since I was twelve years old.

You were my first kiss, my first love,

the first man to touch me.

I want you to kiss me and I need to kiss you”



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