Review….. Womanizer by Katy Evans


Can a billionaire womanizer fall for just one woman even if she is his bestfriends sister???

Livvy Roth is a beautiful smart young woman who has one main plain in life. Get her 3 month internship in Chicago over so she return to Texas and get a job closer to home. Livvy wants to run her own business and meet the man of her dreams when she is 28 and then have children it all seems black and white until she meets a very attractive co-worker on the terrace at work smoking. Livvy is open and fun she is desperate to make friends in the city and when she ends up on the terrace by chance she makes the most of the situation and asks this fine man for a HIT!!

Callan Carmichael is a billionaire and complete womanizer. When his bestfriend asked would he let his sister carry out her internship at his company offcourse he wanted to help a friend but he wouldn’t just hire anyone either so he got her to forward her details and when everything looked right he agreed. Callan is a smoker and when in the office he uses the terrece to smoke nothing odd about that until he is interrupted by the most beautiful woman he ever seen and she asked him for a HIT.

Callan or Livvy at this stage have no idea who the other is but there is one thing they cannot deny the chemistry between them is on fire….

As they both continue to meet on the terrace they eventually take the plunge and go for a drink or three. This is when one thing leads to another and Livvy seduces Callan and they share the most perfect night of there lives together. Everything is perfect until they are awoken the following morning by Callan’s mobile and when he talks to the person on the other end of the phone who is Tahoe Livvy’s brother they both know in that instant what they had done.

Livvy spends days staying out of Callans way but she can’t shake the longing for him. Callan knows what he has done is wrong but he can’t get her out of his head and this is strange to him because he had never wanted a woman like this before.

They give in to each other time and time again and they say they shouldn’t be doing this but they are completely taken with each other. The chemistry and the sex scenes are on fire absolutely fantastic. I love how Katy Evans can do this in every single book it blows me away.

The thing about Callan and Livvy’s relationship is she thinks that its only a fling and he’s waiting to get bored of her but thats just not happening. Livvy is very torn as she is developing feelings for Callan but she knows hes a player and none of these feelings are fitting into her life plan. She tells herself contantly that her career is all that matters.

But with all their sneeking around and things being so perfect between them they leave it too late to tell Tahoe and he walks in on them. Major explosion and this is the part where so much happens…..

Will she tell him she loves him?

Will he ask her to stay?

Will he be there for her when she needs him most?

Will Tahoe and Callan make amends?

This is why you all must download your copy today. I loved loved loved this book and give it a well deserving 5+ stars. It will make your pulse race and grab at your heart strings. If you like humour too Livvy has a fabulous personality……

My favourite line:

“Show me”

“Show you what?”

“Your underwear” he says

I laugh

“What are you fifteen?”

He grinds me against him,

reminding me that he most definitely is not fifteen

I was given an ARC in exchange for an honest review…….

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