Review…….Until We Collide by Charlotte Fallowfield

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Move Over Bridget Jones……Paige Taylor is here and she is Fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is a girly fun-filled book that covers love, life and the hope of finding the happily ever after. I enjoyed it from start to finish. It had me laughing out loud as Paige was a great character and when she and her bestfriend Poppie got together there was always some disaster in store.

The book starts when Paige is eighteen years old and is about to take the next step of heading to collage and this is when she meets Alec Wright. Alec is a few years older than her but they hit it off straight away and instantly there was attraction and chemistry but one problem stood in their way Alec’s girlfriend!!!!

After some time passes Alec and Paige do manage to go on a date and it was fantastic and they even arranged to go out again but Paige is offered the chance of a lifetime and this means leaving Alec behind. They both agree that its not there time to be together and agree that they will carry on with there lives….

“Until We Collide”

This book takes us on the journey of Paige’s life, all the dates her bestfriend Poppie arranges for her, her career choice and all the times that she and Alec collides and the heartache she goes through everyday wondering if they will ever be together because she really loves him……

Paige goes through most of her life not knowing how Alec feels about her and the times they do manage to meet its never the right time for both of them. This was the element of anticipation I didn’t want to put this book down because I wanted to know what was going to happen. I loved how the book starts when Paige is eighteen and ends when she is forty seven its like walking through her life with her.

 I give it 4.5 stars really good read.

Funniest Part of the Book:

“God I’m sorry, but they don’t make life jackets for women with…’he grimaced and mimicked squeezing with both of his hands as he stared at my breasts, making my cheeks colour up”

“Maybe its like doing up a pair of tight jeans, Lie her down and straddle her and get her to breathe in, offered Poppie behind me. I flung her a scowl over my left shoulder”




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