Review…..Tru Blue by Melissa Foster


Romantic Standalone about a man who would do anything for his family and the only woman who could ever break down his wall!!!!

Trumen is a well build tattooed male who was only released from prison 6 months ago. He served a sentence for a crime he didn’t commit to protect his younger brother. He receives a distressed call from his brother to say that their mother had taken an overdose and gave him the address of the crack house. Trumen wanted to ignore the information and keep his head down and move forward with his life but loyality pulled him to his car and in to that house. The scene which Trumen witnessed took his breath away not only did he find his mother dead, his brother of his head but two small children on a dirty mattress crying to his surprise they were his siblings. True to the man he always was he wanted to protect these children so he brought them home. As Trumen bathed the children he realised he had no nappyies, clothes or food for them so he and the children head to Walmart and this is where he met Gemma…..

Gemma is a beautiful young woman full fo life and owner of the Princess Boutique. Growing up Gemma was brough up by wealthy parents who she rarely saw and she was raised mostly by nannies. Gemma resented this her whole life, all she wanted was her parents to spend time with her. Gemma’s father commited suicide when she was young instead of her mother and her becoming closer she remarried and Gemma was left to deal with her grief alone. Gemma loved children and knowing that she will never be able to carry her own child one day makes her long it even more. She believes every child should be who they want to be and always feel loved. When Gemma first sees Trumen in Walmart she was instinctly drawn to him not only because of the way he looked but the protective way he cared for the children she first thought were his own. Gemma is inquisitive or maybe noisy would be a better way to describe her but she can clearly see that Trumen doesn’t know what to buy for the children and she knows alot about children so she imposes herself on him and gradually starts to break down his walls.

Gemma and Trumen have an instant chemistry every touch every look was so intense from the every first time they spoke they had a spark. There sex scenes where explosive and then completely romantic. I loved how even before they slept together they completely consumed each other and you could see how he gradually let down the walls he had built over they years.

Gemma and Trumen are falling in to life together quite comfortably when Trumens past shows up and leaves him making decisions that could change his present blissful life. Trumen fears that he may loose the children but more than that he may loose Gemma and that scared him. Would he be able to find a way to make everything right and hold on to the best thing that ever happened to him…..

I loved this book such a great storyline. It was hard not to fall in love with all the characters in this book they all played a major part in Trumen and Gemma’s lives. They both were surrounded by a family that would do anything to help and protect them and these were people they hand picked to be in their lives.

I give this book a 4.5 stars

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