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All I can say it OMG C.J Fallowfield you have completely blown me away with this outstanding book. It was full of anticipation, heartache, love, loss and hope.

Skye Torres had just moved to Nevada with her parents and was due to start college. Skye was a beautiful young woman but had no interest in boys romantically but with her love of video games she had male friends. On Skyes first trip out exploring in her new town she got a flat tyre on her bike and went in to the nearest garage to see if she could get it fixed this is when she first lay eyes on Nate Hudson. He agreed to fix her tyre and sent her across to the local diner to wait and this is when he introduced her to his brother Josh and cousin Billy.

Nate Hudson was drop dead gorgeous and the oldest of the three. His father died a few years ago and he took over his role in the family of looking after everyone. His mother was an alcoholic so Nate took care of all the household bills and tried to finish college. The chemistry between Skye and him straight away was something she had never experienced before and he wanted her…..

“You look perfect to me” he purred

Josh had the looks and the brains where Billy lacked in looks he made up for in humour but there was no mistaken the fact that they both were completely taken with Skye too but who will she want.

Skye got on well with all three boys and when she started college having Billy and Josh there with her was a great support to her they were best friends but Nate was a player with the women and although he had always made his feelings clear to Skye she was scared that he would break her heart…..

The only way Skye could make a decision about which of these three was to go on a date with all of them individually but at the end Nate held her heart and Josh and Billy were crushed.

Nate and Skye were on fire when they were together instantly they were what each other needed inside and outside the bedroom. The sex scenes in the book between these two were so intense and full of want and love.

Events and situations that take place in this book that you will never see coming and they will have you reaching for the tissues. Over the course of four years you read the loss and heartache that poor Skye goes through. It’s a time where she feels alone, angry, sad and sometimes lost. It’s was a truly heartbreaking time and this emotion comes through so well in the writing of this book.

This was an absolutely amazing book that took me completely by surprise I love how C.J.Fallowfield goes through the life of her characters and you never feel cheated at the end I loved the epilogue it had swooning away.

I give this book a well deserving 5+ stars

My favourite line:

“No matter what we have been through or the scars we bear, your still mine and I’m still yours”


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