Review……The Protector by Jodi Ellen Malpas


Who needs a knight in shining armor when Jake Sharp is about………Camille Logan doesn’t!!!!!!!!!!

We have all been waiting for this book and its finally here, a great read packed with love, lust, over-protective men, anticipation and sex scenes that will give you goosebumps………..

Camille Logan is a beautiful young woman simply trying to gain her place in the world and enjoy her life but her over bearing father has too many enemies and she has become the focus of one of them. Everybody has Camille classed as a spoiled daddy’s girl but this she is not. When a threat was made against her life Mr Logan did the only thing he could think of to keep her safe but to Camille’s horror he hired her a bodyguard 24/7. Time to meet JAKE SHARP!!!!!!!

Jake Sharp is his own worst enemy, he is carrying deep regret with him everyday and working gives him purpose. Jake is an ex SAS sniper and he served his country for years. Jake threw himself in to work instead of dealing with his personal problems and the one time he lost focus the consequences were devastating.

When Jake took on the role to protect Camille he was surprised how different she was from what he had read about her and what surprised him more was the instant pull she had on him and how strongly attracted he was to her.

Camille was furious at her father and made Jake’s job more difficult by running off and being quite stubborn.

“Next time I lose you, I’ll have a satellite signal sent to your lip-gloss.”

The chemistry between these two was electric every touch, every look even the comfortable silences. They fought the attraction desperately as Jake wanted to be professional and Camille didn’t want to like him because she didn’t want a bodyguard. They eventually had to give in and when these two got together there was no turning back he instantly claimed her as his and she desperately wanted to be his everything which she was already but what will daddy say when he learns this news???????????

The sex scenes like all Jodi Ellen Malpas books was amazing they possessed and craved each other on a whole new level every time.

Jake and Camille’s relationship was strong from very early on he understood her like nobody else and they both needed each other in ways that neither of them had ever experienced before. Although Camille was very open with Jake about her past Jake still had his demons and unfinished business but was he going to share this with her???????

“You’re my home now,” I tell him.  “Wherever you are that’s my home.” I don’t care where that may be.

I really enjoyed this book although I didn’t love it like JEM’s other books its worth a read.

I give this book 4 stars

My favourite line:

“You calm me, regardless of the fact that you’ve actually made my life the most chaotic it’s ever been. You’ve found me, despite the fact I never wanted to be found.”


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