Review…..The King of Wall Street by Louise Bay


Will Max King get his Queen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What happens when the boss can’t think straight around his new employee this is what happened in Max and Harper’s story.

Max King is a ruthless businessman in Wall Street. He is completely focused on his company and will not allow himself to mix business with pleasure, well that was until her couldn’t get his newest employee Harper Jayne out of his mind. Max thought her to be infuriating and distracting…..

This although was the working Max King but in his personal life he was a single dad with a fourteen year old daughter who  he adored and his life was very different.

Harper Jayne had landed a job of her dreams with King & Associates she had researched the company for years and admired the work of Max King. Unfortunately poor Harper’s opinion of Max was very different when she started working for him. She felt like he had a problem with everything she done and this was starting to upset her more.

” When I’d passed him in the office and smiled at him, the veins in his neck began to bulge and he looked as if he was going to reach out and choke me”

This lovely couple had completely got their wires crossed because Max found Harper very attractive and poor Harper thought he didn’t like her but sure this all changed when Harper moved in to her new apartment in the city. She went upstairs to ask her neighbour to keep the noise down and she came face to face to Max King shirtless. At this moment Max was no longer at work and he couldn’t restrain himself any longer it took Harper by surprise but she wouldn’t have been human if she hadn’t of noticed how attractive he was and this was the start…

“Before she had a chance to tell me again how much she hated me, I hoisted her over my shoulder and carried her into my bedroom”

Max and Harper simply couldn’t stay away from each other and things got a little more complicated when Max’s daughter asked Harper to come shopping with her and Max to get a dress for her school dance. Max’s daughter Amanda loved Harper and constantly told Max to ask her out on a date. This part of the book was fantastic has it showed a whole different side to Max.

But as always love never runs smoothly and when Max has to drop Harper from a major account at work she is devastated and what will this mean for them. Can they fix their differences before its too late and admit their true feelings for each other…..

I really enjoyed this book some major swoony moments and the chemistry that lay between this couple was fantastic to read. Although they had an unbelievable sexual chemistry they also had alot of tender moments where Harper would share her past with Max and he always seemed to be able to put her at ease if she was upset. Watching their relationship grow was the fascinating part of this book, two people who had fallen in love and now were very important in each others lives and they didn’t even know it. Louise Bay has a particular way of writing that when you start one of her books you can’t put it down and this book is no different. Max King is my newest book boyfriend and I give it a 4+ stars.

My favourite line in the book……………..

“Harper,I’ve loved you from the very moment I laid eyes on you. You are already my heart, my soul, my family – and now I want the world to know. As the King of Wall Street I need you to be my queen. Marry me”


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