Review…..Sweet Cheeks by K.Bromberg


Romantic, Funny and Sexy second chance romance!!!!!!!!!!

Saylor is the owner of Sweet Cheeks bakery. Shes a beautiful young woman who only a few months ago broke of her engagement to her long term boyfriend Mitch. Its just a normal day when Saylor receives a wedding invitation to her ex’s wedding. As Saylor reads the invitation she takes in the details of it and notices that the only difference between it and her wedding was the brides name. Saylor decides that for the good of her bakery she should go to save her business as she felt that Mitch’s mother had put out some bad vibes about it when she ended the relationship with her son. Problem now is she needs a plus 1?????

Hayes is the one man that walked away from Saylor ten years ago without as much as a goodbye. He wanted to persue a career as an actor and so he left his home town and Saylor to do this. Hayes was still good friends with Saylors brother and they still kept contact all those years but they never talked about Saylor until now. Hayes received a text from Saylor’s brother saying that she needed his help. This was all it took for Hayes to make plans to return and try and make a mends to the friendship he lost all those years ago but will he be able to walk away again…..

Saylor and Hayes have an instant attraction even after all this time and all things that Hayes loved about Saylor all those years ago are still there. She has a fiery temper and he seems to bring it out in her more than most but its her way of trying to come to terms with him being back in her life again. Hayes wants to be Saylors plus 1 to Mitch’s wedding but Saylor isn’t so sure but her mind is made up the day she hears her bakery being slagged off in Starbucks so she texts Hayes to make arrangements.

When Saylor and Hayes arrive in Paradise this is when the book gets going. Theres alot of sexual chemistry lurking and the more time they spend together the thinker it gets. Saylor is completely confused as one minutes hes hot and the next hes cold so in a haze of confusion Saylor does what helps her think she bakes. This is when Hayes arrives back to the villa and he can’t restrain himself any longer they ravish each other and there is flour and frosting everywhere this scene is completely HOT. They completely consume each other like they always had all those years ago. Hayes was Saylors first everything and the fire between them has never been put out. They spend four glorious days togther in Paradise and shes does what she came to do at the wedding but when the reality of Hayes life appears and can they make this work…..

“I’m giving you my A-game . . . I just hope you can handle it.”

I loved everything about this book it had romance, sex, fun and a happily ever after what more would you want. I loved how the book gave a great insight in to the past that Saylor and Hayes shared and how much both of them never really changed. Major swoon alert on the the ten days they spend apart OMG that was so romantic and when I thought my heart couldn’t take any more the epilogue came and blew me away…….

I give this book a fantastic 5+ stars

Favourite Quote from Book

“I know we don’t need an official document or rings on our fingers to tell us we belong together, because we’ve always known it. Always will. But the part of me who looks at you every morning and is proud as hell to call you mine, wants everyone else to know it too. So I brought you here and spoke my heart to ask you a single question. Will you say I do?”

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