Review….. Submission and Surrender by Cali MacKay


Please welcome Gabe Ryker hot as hell billionaire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hadley Moore comes to Portmore to investigate some crimes that have been made against the Ryker family. The day of her arrival she also gets her divorce finalized and ends up having a one night stand with a very hot male that came to her rescue in the hotel bar. When Hadley wakes in the morning she throws him out of bed and gets herself sorted to start her investigations and doesn’t need the distraction. Hadley arrives at the station to meet her partner on the case and the members of the Ryker family who are involved in the attacks. To Hadley’s surprise she is met by the face that she threw out of bed only hours before the one and only Gabe Ryker OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gabe Ryker is sex playboy billionaire with a bad reputation. He met Hadley in the bar of his hotel when she was being harassed by a man at the bar. Gabe and Hadley had one hot night together and for some reason Gabe wanted a replay which in his history of one night stands was never something he wanted before. Hadley had also thrown him out of bed that morning and this had left a dent in his ego. When Hadley walked in to the interview room at the station Gabe could not believe his luck and knew that if they spent some time together alone he could get a replay GAME ON!!!!!!!!!!!

Hadley had alot of personal issues going on and with only getting her divorce a  playboy like Gabe was the last thing she needed coming in and breaking her heart although when he touched her she could not deny the affect he had on her. Hadley was very dedicated to her job and the fact that Gabe was now her client she couldn’t have a relationship with him even if she wanted to but how long would she be able to fight him because he was relentless.

Hadley consumed Gabe’s mind and he tried to get a handle on himself because these feeling he never experienced them before. The sex scenes in this book where erotic you could sense the chemistry between both of them. Once they kissed there was an automatic need and want from each of them. As Hadley had been hurt in her previous marriage she had alot of trust issues but with Gabe she trusted him completely but feared that he would break her heart. There relationship moved very fast and before they both knew what happened they had fallen in love and Hadley’s job was on the line but will Gabe be able to save Hadley and her job????????????

I absolutely loved this book I met this fantastic author at the Claddagh Authors signing event and this is the first of her books I have read. This is an Erotic who done it novel, it can be read as a standalone.

I give this book 4.5 stars…..get your copy today by clicking on the link

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