Review…. Say You Want Me by Corinne Michaels


Romantic, Funny, Breathtaking and Absolutely Fabulous its the must have book of 2016!!!!

Wyatt Hennington is a hot cowboy from Bell Buckle. If your read Say You’ll Stay you would have met Wyatt originally but if you didn’t here is a little background Wyatt was in love with Presley most of his life and it wasn’t mutual because she was dating his brother Zachary. But when she returned to Bell Buckle to try and repair her life Wyatt was a good friend to her and helped her get her head together and her life. This is how Wyatt met Angie.

Angie is the sister of Presley’s late Husband. When Presley moved to Bell Buckle with her twin boys Angie was completely lost without them as she loved her nephews dearly and missed her best friend. After a few visits to Bell Buckle and few encounters with Wyatt which she admitted was the best nights of her life Angie much to her surprise falls PREGNANT!!!!

Poor Angie didn’t know what to do when she learned she was pregnant and thought the best thing was to head to Bell Buckle and tell daddy Wyatt the good news which she was incredible nervous about. When Angie blurted out to Wyatt that she was pregnant he was completely surprised and asked was it definitely his but when she reassured him it was he immediately wanted her to move in with him and let him take care of her and the baby. Angie didn’t want that at first well she didn’t really know what she wanted she hadn’t come to terms with the pregnancy as the news was all new and such a surprise. When Angie and Wyatt talked properly she agreed to move to Bell Buckle for three months and live with Wyatt so that they could get to know each other as they where going to raise a child together.

 “What if you realize that I’m the best man on the planet and you can’t live without me? Give this a chance.”

When Angie moved in together this is where we saw a whole new side to them both and how compatible they really were. I loved the chemistry and the banter between them. The way Wyatt wanted to look after her was heart stopping I was swooning all over the place, although Angie wasn’t sure if it was just because of the baby she could feel that there was definitely more between them.

“He’s the kind of guy I want to want me. He’s strong, sexy, caring, and so much more…Wyatt makes me feel alive. He’s excavated the parts of me I’ve buried under sarcasm and attitude, the girl who wants a man to love her. But fairytales don’t come true. People die. And I’m destined to be forgotten.”

As the weeks and months passed Angie came to settle in Bell Buckle and felt part of a family and she loved that she was so close to Presley and the boys. Wyatt wasn’t sure what was going to happen when the three months were up and he felt like the goodbye was coming so he started to become distant towards Angie and she couldn’t understand why because she planned on staying but they never had a chance to talk about it until tragedy hit them.

“You don’t know your own strength until you’re forced to face it.”

Wyatt and Angie went through an awful tragedy which would affect them both for the rest of there lives but would they be able to find a way through there pain to be together or would it all fall apart…….

Say You Want Me?!? YES…I’ll say it: I WANT YOU!!!

I loved this book it completely consumed me, yes it made me cry but it  made me laugh and swoon also. It was such a romantic down to earth book it showed how sometimes couples can be dealt an ugly card but that forgiveness is the most precious gift anyone can give.

I give this book 5+ stars get your copy today…..

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