Review……Say I’m Yours by Corinne Michaels

say im yours

Can Trent make it right with Grace before it’s too late……..

Grace and Trent have been in a on/off relationship for the past 20 years but now is the time where Grace wants more. Grace loves Trent with everything in her heart but fears that he doesn’t feel the same so she ends things with him and tries to move on with her life. Grace feels now its time for her to settle down, get married and have a family and ideally she would want that with Trent but that is never going to happen in her eyes so she must move on and try and find her happily ever after.

Trent has taken Grace for granted all these years that whenever he wanted a little fun she would be there but now that she has called time on that arrangement can he tell her how he really feels. Trent thought at first he could win Grace over but she was having none of it but the game changes when he hears that she is going out on a date with  Cooper Townsend. Trent is more than pissed off and when his brothers show no sympathy towards him that makes him worse. Can Trent show Grace how he really feels before its too late…..

Grace and Coopers date was a disaster and after having to call Trent to the rescue could it get any worse but Grace is now more torn than ever as Cooper is so nice and has been perfectly honest about how he feels about her. Grace decides to drown her sorrows with a few bottles of wine and when she wakes the following morning to Trent in bed beside her OMG…. So after a morning of old times between the sheets Trent tells Grace exactly how he feels and she has waited years to hear it an doesn’t know what to say so she asks him for time.

Grace and Trent’s story is an emotional rollercoaster as Trent’s father falls ill and the whole Hennington family is thrown in a tailspin. Trent realises a secret that has been hiden from him his whole life but can he deal with this alone or will Grace be able to help him through it. Grace is the only person who knows Trent inside out and when he pushes her away she knows that now is the time she takes control and makes him do the right thing with her firmly by his side.

This book was everything and more from Corinne Michaels. She take us on a journey of love, loss and happily ever after but she never forgets a few twists along the way. Trent and Grace will make you laugh, cry and at times wish you could bang there heads together but we can’t forget those swoony moments that will melt our hearts.

I give this book a well deserving 5+ stars

Favourite Quote

“I need you sweetheart”

“I’ve only ever been yours”

“I don’t see anyone else but you, Gracie”

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