Review….Playing to Win by Karen Frances

Playing to Win Ebook Cover

Will Jess and Fletcher find their happily ever after……..

With Book 1 ending with a cliffhanger and leaving us all wanting more this book give us all of that and more. This book takes us on yet another emotional ride through this couples relationship and leaves us wondering will they find their happy ending???

Fletcher Adams would move mountains to be with Jess, to protect her, take any stress away and stay right by her side for as long as she lets him. Leading his life as a high profile footballer always comes with your private life being invaded by the media and he tries to protect Jess from this as long as possible as he didn’t want them digging in to her personal life. But he reaches a time where its Jess that decides how they handle things and he does whatever makes her happy because as we see in this book Fletcher Adams is completely “pussy whipped” lol…..

Jess is slowly rebuilding her life and her business has never been better. She can’t quite put a name on how she feels about Fletcher but she knows that when shes with him she feels safe and happy. Jess’s ex-boyfriend has left her with debt and baggage that only she can deal with and we watch as she grows stronger and more confident again. In this book Jess learns to be an empowered woman again and how to leave the victim behind. This whole series shows how domestic abuse should not happen but highlights when it can happen, how it can happen and the damage that it can cause and the scars that always remain but yet again Karen Frances nailed it.

This book was the perfect ending to a fantastic series, there was nothing left unanswered. This couple healed each other, accepted each other and there faults. They dealt with ex-boyfriends, crazy blonde women who would do anything to make money, health problems, family and when all that was done they both realised that they loved each other unconditionally and as they watched the sun rise and fall they too fell more in love than ever.

This was the perfect ending I enjoyed every moment that I spent reading this series. The epilogue made my heart swoon even though time had passed between Jess and Fletcher the chemistry always remained and he adored her. Jess gave Fletcher more than he could ever have wished for in his lifetime and she sooo owned him. This couple gets their happily ever after and they totally deserve it after all they go through.

I give this book a well deserving 5 stars I loved it..

I was given an ARC for an honest review…

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