Review……Playing the Game by Karen Frances


Emotional, Heartbreaking and totally gripping……………

Jessica (Jess) Taylor is the heroine in this book and she is a strong successful woman who has been subjected to domestic abuse by her partner. Jess’s partner attacked her while she was pregnant resulting in her being hospitalised. Jess struggles to come to terms with what has happened and goes through some very low times in the days following her attack. Jess returns to stay with her parents after being discharged from the hospital and this is when she first meets Fletcher Adams.

Fletcher Adams is a high profile footballer who returns to Scotland to deal with his inheritance from his grandmother. Fletcher has changed to play for Scotland and has decided that a quiet life might be what he needs. He has the reputation of a womanizer and loves a good party. His life is constantly in the papers for good and bad reasons. Fletcher meets Jess’s parents when he is at his grandmother’s house and they rush out to head to the hospital after hearing of their daughters attack to find that their car wouldn’t start. Fletcher steps in and takes them to the hospital and is horrified to hear what has happened.

Fletcher’s first glance of Jess is the day she is discharged from the hospital and when he ends up carrying her to bed as she almost passes out outside her parents house. He is instantly drawn to protecting her and he hasn’t even spoke to her. In the days after she consumes his thoughts and he constantly wonders how she is.

This book covers the topic of domestic abuse and it was handled perfectly. Karen Frances wrote it in a dual POV which led to knowing how Jess was feeling and the struggles she endured daily and also with Fletcher as they both grew closer how he responded to her insecurities. These scenes left me wanting to know more they were very emotional and reading how low Jess really felt was heartbreaking.

Fletcher and Jess grew close quickly and she felt safe with him. Fletcher adored Jess and all he wanted to do was protect her. For Jess entering in to a sexual relationship with Fletcher didn’t take that long considering what she had been through but that showed the kind of connection was between them. Although this couple are perfect for each other they both have a long way to go before they can be completely together.

This book covered some very heavy topics and alot of the scenes completely tore at my heart but then they was a whole different side of it too. This book had a romantic story of two people healing each other and falling in love quite quickly. It has scorching sex scenes, swoony moments and some funny parts too.

I truly enjoyed this book and I really can’t wait to read Play to Win…..

I give this book a 4.5 stars…..

I was given an ARC for an honest review

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