Review….One Moment by Danielle Dickson


Heartfelt story about two young people who try to come to terms with a terrible loss but can they please meet Sammy and Connor…….

Sammy is the girl whos mother is an alcoholic and at a young age poor Sammy had to drop out of school to earn enough money to support herself and her younger brother Tommy. Sammy was a smart girl and because she was such a great student the school agreed for her to study at home and still be able to sit her exams. Sammy’s life was hard and she lacked support from her mother and her life got worse when she had to deal with the loss of her brother Tommy at such a young age.

Connor was Sammy’s best friend. When he moved to her school she helped him settle in and before they knew it they did everything together. Everyone thought they were a couple but they weren’t. Connor’s stepfather wasn’t a very nice man and would beat his mother often and he would confide in Sammy about this so together they helped each other through…..

The night of Tommys death Connor came home and his mother told him to pack that they had to leave because his stepfather was going to hurt him so before he knew it he was packing and leaving town. Connor left with a heavy heart because he knew that Sammy needed him, he thought of her constantly but couldn’t bring himself to contacting her.

Years pass with this couple and they carry guilt with them day in dayout. Connor every year comes back to the spot where Tommy died but never seen Sammy until this one time. Sammy is furious when she sees him there after all this time. After Connor’s encounter with Sammy her vows to make her hear him out before he returns to his life and he must get her bestfriend Keeley on side for this. Keeley isn’t pleased that her friend is so upset about his return but when he explains what really happened she agrees to set up a meeting.

The meeting doesn’t go well but the events that happen afterwards make Sammy see things more clearly but has she left it too late or will she follow him…..

I really enjoyed this book it took me a little while to get in to it but it was worth the wait. Just so you all know it ends on a cliffhanger……

This book is filled with emotion and will definitely pull at the heart strings. Some very real issues dealt with in this book and yes some major swooning also. Its a true second chance romance book and I give it a well deserving 4 stars…

Favourite Quote

” To tell you I can’t go on pretending you don’t mean everything to me anymore. I love you. I always have and I always will.”

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