Review…..Never the Bride by Charlotte Fallowfield


Abbie Carter, disaster Carter but will Miller Davies still love her……………

Abbie Carter is a very successful self-employed accountant. When here father passed away he left her his cottage in Dilbury Village so Abbie moved her life from the city to the country and it was where she felf happiest. In collage she made a pack with 14 of her friends that they would all be bridemaids for each other when they got married and now poor Abbie who is starting to have a very large collection of bridesmaids dresses is  wondering will she her find her prince charming. Abbie is known for making a fool of herself and when each wedding comes around she hopes that it will go by and she is still fully intact by the end of it but to her luck one mishap at the alter lead to the bestman being no other than drop dead georgous Miller Davies.

Miller Davies is a successdul businessman in New York. He had several friends in England who recently all decided to tie the knot but when he was asked to be bestman he couldn’t believe his luck when he laid eyes on Abbie Carter. Miller had never had a girlfriend he was brought up in foster care and had no family. He never give love a thought he just moved from one woman to another but when he spotted Abbie at his friends wedding he knew she was different and there was an instant attraction between them but how would the long distance relationship work….

Abbie and Millers first encounter was when she headed for a walk through the gardens at the wedding and she got caught in the sprinklers, Miller had went out to warn her that they were about to go off but it was too late and they both got soaked. Miller offered to let her shower and clean up in his suite and between the jigs and the reels Abbie told him she would meet him downstairs at the wedding reception. Unfortunately Miller at to return suddenly to New York as a work matter came up but he did give Abbie a letter which she binned.

Abbie felt unlucky in love but also very set in her ways that she thought that if a man really wanted her he would chase her……

This book was absolutely hilarious Mr Sumo Abbie’s dog gets his own part of the story and you get a great insight in to the people of Dilbury Village and how they all impact on Abbie’s life.

Abbie and Miller do try the long distance relationship for a while but with each parting it gets harder and harder to say goodbye. When they finally have the talk about there relationship they both admit that they love each other but neither of them are ready to make the move across the water. There is a lingering in this part of the story because although they decide they can’t be together if none of them will make the move.  This is where we see that neither of them want to move on all they want is each other. Can these two make it work, will there come a time for each of them when all that matters is being with each other and having a life together or will they leave it till its all too late…..

This book is a light hearted girly book, it will lift your spirits and make you laugh uncontrollably. The epilogue will make your heart swoon and I love how it moves on five years and leaves us with how there lives are to be. Charlotte Fallowfields writing is as always flawless and that what I always enjoy about reading her books shes a fantastic writer and I always look forward to her next book.

I give this book a well deserving 5 stars

I was given an ARC for an honest review.

Favourite Quote

“Privacy for what? I’ve got to tell you that after an over-amorous dolphin called Mahi tried to mate with me in Mexico,

I’m over the whole public-sex thing”

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