Review…..Mr President by Katy Evans


Here comes Matt Hamilton!!!!!!!

Matt Hamilton was born to run for presidency. Matt’s father was President years ago before he was shot so Matt spend some of his childhood growing up in the white house. When he decided to run for presidency he knew what he wanted and in order to do that he needed the best team possible by his side but who would that be….

Charlotte Wells is a smart beautiful young woman who was raised in the political world as her father was a senator. Charlotte never wanted to work in politics but it did interest her when she heard that no other that Matt Hamilton was running for presidency. Charlotte met Matt years ago when her parents hosted a dinner party for Matt’s father when he was president and Matt attended also. Since there first meeting Charlotte has a crush on Matt he was the perfect man in her eyes but it was only a crush or was it….

Charlotte and Matt met again after all those years and Matt wanted her on his campaign team so she agreed to join……

This book was so intense the looks, smiles, gentle touches were all fireworks for them both but if they were to enter in to a relationship it could cost Matt his whole campaign. Charlotte and Matt worked endlessly on the campaign and it was obvious that they were growing closer everyday.

Charlotte and Matt finally gave in to temptation and OMG was it hot. They embarked on a secret affair and they both knew if Matt was elected president it would end and although they continue to remind each other of this the actual fact secretly didn’t sit well with either of them. They stole secret encounters when they could, they consumed each others thoughts and were secretly falling in love with each other but would they ever admit that……

This book is Book 1 of the white house series and I loved it just like all Katy Evans books it is intense, sexy and super hot. I love how underneath all the lust and sex this couple have a past where they know each other so well and if it wasn’t for this campaign they would see a future together.

I give this book a 5+ stars and would highly recommend it when you read this book you will defintiely want to read Book 2…..

Favourite Quote

She grounds me

She obsesses me

She fuels me

This woman not only makes me want to be a great man, she makes me want to be the best goddamned president that ever lived

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