Review……Malaise by Max Henry



A complete emotional and heartbreaking story with a beautiful ending. This book shows a story of two people who meet by chance at the worst time but end up being the right people for each other in every single way!!!!!!

Meg is the heroine of the book and is only seventeen years old. Two weeks before she is about to sit her final exams her brother Den is killed in an accident. Meg is devastated not only was he her brother he was her best friend. Meg isn’t like all the other girls her age she dresses differently and stands out from the norm. When Den died Meg felt completely lost her parents struggled to come to terms with his death also and instead of them pulling together as a family it pulled them apart.  Meg started to drink to numb the pain and went out and never came home but all she wanted was for her parents to support her and acknowledge her loss along with there own.

Brett is twenty four with a body to swoon over and arms laced with tattoos. He meets Meg at the end of year party were he finds her sitting alone and drunk on a log. As events of that night unfold Meg falls and burns her arms and has to be taken to hospital which he ends up doing. They both hit it off straight away Meg instantly feels comfortable around Brett and hes the only person she opens up to about her brothers death. They become friends and that’s exactly what Meg needs right now as she feels so alone.

Megs parents aren’t happy with her keeping in the company of Brett and asks her to move out this part of the book was heartbreaking and yet made me so angry. How could parents be so heartless and I kept hoping they would change there minds but there behaviour towards her and Brett did not improve it got worse.

Brett instantly became protective of Meg, he was there for her no matter what and no matter what state she was in he found a way to put her back together. Brett himself had a past and his family had a bad reputation in the town which wasn’t easy for him or his sister Tanya. There mother died of cancer and it was only them and there father who wasn’t a very nice man to say the least but Brett and Tanya were good people and they showed there kindness to Meg when she had nobody.

“As long as i’ve got you babe I’ll make sure you never stop feeling a damn thing”

This book constantly took me by surprise as I never knew what was coming next and I was completely blown away when poor Brett was arrested for a crime he didn’t commit. Meg was devastated but with the little time they had together she didn’t really know much about his past to fully understand why he would be accused of this. When Meg went to visit Brett in prison it was like an emotional rollercoaster, Brett and Meg shared truths, plans and hopes with each other and although they part on strained terms they never give up on each other and this give them the strength to carry on without each other.

This book was very different from what I would usually read but it carried alot of emotion and was a fantastic read. I loved how there relationship was so important to each other. They had no money, no house and could barely eat at times but they had each other and there love seen them through the hardships.

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review I give this book 4 stars I would truly recommend it.

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