Review….. Love on the Malecon by Aubrey Parr


A truely romantic book where two people who only meet by chance fall madly in love!!!!

Nicole is a beautiful young woman who works as a columist in Chicago. She is in a three year relationship with her boyfriend Andrew but when she learns of her fathers death and decides to hop on a plane and go to the location he loved most in the world Andrew lets her go alone. Nicole’s father loved Puerto Vallarta and in a hope to experience all the things her father loved about this place and maybe find a sense of peace in the midst of her grief. So after a plane journey that she can bearly remember as she was completely lost in her own thoughts sje arrives in Puerto Vallarta. Nicole had only settled in to her hotel when she met a handsome stranger in the bar and instantly was drawn to this man even though she knew nothing about him….

Derek is an ex-cage fighter and now a very wealthy entrepreneur from Detroit. He travels from resort to resort around the world finding potential properties. He never settles too long in the one place and always has an apartment for himself included in his business deals. Dereks does alot of work in Puerto Vallarta and has had numerous ladies that he would entertain while they were on holiday but he never allowed any of them in to his personal space. Derek was the handsome stranger that Nicole met in the bar of her hotel.

The instant attraction between these two was fantastic. They had this ease and understanding instantly I think that what made reading about this relationship so nice. This book was a beautiful romantic novel yes a few surprises that I most definitely was not expecting but the way both of they handled them together was fab….

I loved how Derek always knew what Nicole needed and he was more than happy to help her tick of the places her father loved. He was a constant support to Nicole in this difficult time and he dreaded the thought of her going back to her life in Chicago. They spent two fantastic weeks together romantic evenings, fun days at the beach and hot sex. Nicole decided that Andrew was definitely not the man for her and Derek decided that Nicole was the first woman that he could see himself having a future with OMG my heart major swoon….

I really enjoyed this book it was such a beautiful story set in such a beautiful place. A man and woman who fell in love at the sight of each other and clicked in every way possible what woman wouldn’t want that to happen…..

I gave that book 4 stars

I was given an ARC for an honest review…..

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