Review…..Lick by Kylie Scott


WOW!!! This series is seriously hot I loved it so much….

What happens when you wake up in Vegas married, a sexy tattooed man in you room and the mother of all hangovers…… David and Evelyn happens

Evelyn Thomas is celebrating her 21st Birthday and decided to do it in style with her best friend Lauren in Vegas! Her life takes a roller coaster ride when she wakes up in her hotel room with a very hot tattooed male, an awful hangover and she’s MARRIED!!! Evelyn had no memory of the night before and has no idea who her new husband is until she arrives home to Portland. Arriving at her parents house the media is everywhere and then the revelation that she has only went and married David Ferris from the famous band Stage Dive. Let the fun begin…….

“No” I said swallowing hard “what did we do last night?” “We got fucking married” he growled

David Ferris is the guitarist of the band Stage Dive and a very attractive tattooed male, woman constantly through themselves at him but he set his sights on Evelyn in Vegas because she was different from the rest. So when she can’t remember anything about what happened between them in Vegas he was left hurt at her reaction. But David told Evelyn before she left that he would get the divorce sorted and true to his words he got the wheels in motion but he knew the media frenzy his recent marriage would cause so he arranged for Evelyn to come to him in L.A until things died down. Would the Divorce papers ever be signed…..

In L.A David’s lawyers have all the papers ready for signing but Evelyn who was left alone to deal with them got completely overwhelmed with talk of settlements that she fled the house but when David’s band mate saw her upset he brought her to his house to give her space but he doesn’t forget to let David know where she is. David arrives and they both agree to go away for a few days to his house.

David’s feelings for Evelyn are always there but he’s hurt at her lack of memory of there marriage so he’s trying to deal with that and fight the fact that she’s all he wants but Evelyn she’s extremely attracted to David but doesn’t know how to show it or if he will feel the same. But they can’t fight it forever and when these two get together the intensity, sincerity and obvious love that they have developed for each other is beautiful.

“I don’t want to sign the divorce papers on Monday”

The chemistry between these too is so HOT and the sex scenes are off the scale but during their time away they start to build a relationship with each other but things are unsaid and this leaves trouble waiting when they arrive back in a L.A. David and Evelyn do spend time apart and this is the saddest part in the book but most of the romantic stuff happen at this time too major swooning moments. David moves his whole life for Evelyn and she doesn’t even know it at first but he refuses to give up on her and is willing to wait as long as it takes for her to come back to him…. OMG how could we not love David Ferris….????

This book is fantastic it’s not predictable it is very funny in parts and you get to meet the other band members of Stage Dive so it’s good grounding for the rest of the series and after reading this one you will definitely read the whole series.

I love this book and give to a well deserving 5 stars….

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