Review……Exposed by Abigail Davies


Consuming and Totally Amazing…..

This is book two in the MAC Security Series and once you have read Fractured Lies you will be downloading this straight away.

Previously we met Kaylee and Tyson in Fractured Lies and learned there back ground and how they met. Kaylee and Tyson have there first experience of problems that may occur in there relationship when both of them have a past. This book is about there worlds colliding and the pasts that both of them most definitely didn’t want to see again becomes EXPOSED…..

The chemistry and trust that lay between Kaylee and Tyson in this book was amazing. He always knew what she needed and he treated her little boy Eli like he was his own son. There relationship very early on became a FOREVER for both of them….. major swoon!!!!!!!!!!!

There is a great sense of family unity between the workers in MAC Security and that runs through the whole book and also goes for Eli that little boy has new uncles and an auntie that adore him. Eli is the centre of there worlds preschool runs, movie watching anything his wee heart desires. I just love this………

In this book we see a new Kaylee, she is a stronger brighter woman. Kaylee had come so far from the abuse she endured at the hands of Eli’s father Max. She had to recover from intensive enjuries but with Tyson taking care of her she bounced back. For a good few weeks after the attack she found that staying behind the gates of the compound was a safety net but she knew she must venture past them. With Tysons help and encouragement she did.

The job they are all working on it taking up alot of time and they don’t seem to be getting any further but with Tysons wife (only legally) showing up and being a major suspect they desperately need to get better leads. But just when everything is going well trouble strikes and Kaylee is in major danger. Just when Tyson learns of Kaylee being taken Corey Kaylee’s brother shows up and wants to know where she is and to add more fuel to the situation he hasn’t been told about Kaylee and Tysons relationship. Tensions are running high and its time to call in all favours no matter what they cost. Can Tyson save Kaylee before its too late…..

I love love loved this whole series it had me on edge for the whole two books. I felt like I couldn’t put it down, the love and affection between Kaylee and Tyson had we swooning, then all the drama with MAC Security had me on edge and then Eli that wee boys life changed so much for the better and reading how much his confidence was rebuilt pulled on my heart strings.

I gave this book a well deserving 5 stars…

I was provided with an ARC for an honest review!!!!!!!

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