Review……Courage to Fight by Pavan Kaur


She’s broken and he’s back, a completely captivating and heartbreaking story……..

So at the end of book one we read that Scarlett broke up with Rhett after his fight with Zach because he wouldn’t open up to her so now its the weeks after that……..

Scarlett was so broken that he didn’t knock her door down and fight for what they had. Rhett left and went back to England and she heard nothing from him. Then she returns to work and finally piecing herself back together when she heads to clean the room that she and Rhett had shared so many special memories and is faced with the man that broke her heart wide open………

Rhett has pulled all strings to get his next fight moved to Las Vegas in hope that he can get Scarlett back. He is a mess without her and can only survive when she is “always by his side”. Scarlett does not welcome him with open arms and tells him that unless he is going to open up to her about his demons she doesn’t want anything to do with him.

Scarlett can’t function when she feels him near and his presence blocks all her senses but he always knows what she needs. When Rhett returned from England he brought his mum with him so in this book we meet her and get a chance to see how much she wants Scarlett to be part of Rhetts life. CeCe is also in this book and has a hugh part in this book not because she is a jealous ex but she is now Rhetts WIFE……. Yes I know I could hardly believe it too but what is the story behind this marriage so many question!!!!!!

This book goes through the ups and downs of Scarlett and Rhetts relationship he does win her back in the promise to talk but as every day passes she is still further from  what haunts him. Together as a couple they have grown so much she trusts Rhett so much and always feels loved and safe when she is with him. The one thing in this book that is very clear they love each other so much and they most definitely are soulmates but so much lies in the way of there happily ever after….

Rhetts fight is fast approaching and a weeks after he must return to England to start his training for his next big fight. He wants Scarlett to think about coming with him but he still hasn’t opened up about his demons she has had enough so he is given the final ultimateum, talk or leave and don’t ever contact her again……..

So we are all left at the end of this book our hearts breaking and swooning at his final attempts to win her over but what will Scarlett do will she fight or will she close the door????

Loved this book and I cannot wait for book three so I’m giving it a well deserving 5 stars

I was given an ARC for an honest review

Favourit Quote

“Find the courage to fight for us, find the courage to love me”

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