Review….Beneath The Shadows by Meghan March


WOW!!!!Yet another sizzling hot book by the wonderful Meghan March.

Eden is a beautiful young woman who is the daughter of Dom Casso. She has lived her entire life under his instructions and boundaries. She has never had a normal free life and has always longed it. So when her father becomes under investigation by the feds she is sent away to lay low until further notice this is her one chance to experience life to going somewhere she always wanted. Eden decides to go to New Orleans and arrives in the middle of the Mardi Gras and no vacancies in the hotel. She decides to walk along the parade and she gets tumbled over and that is when she meets Bishop…

Bishop is a tattooed alpha male with  a grumpy exterior. He works at Voodoo Ink as a tattoo artist. Bishop hasn’t been in New Orleans very long as he carries a past and because of that he never settles too long in the one place. He first encounters Eden when he witnesses her been tumbled over in the Mardi Gras parade and his instinct is to help and protect her. Eden is the complete opposite to any woman Bishop would have had before but he finds himself drawn to helping her and although he tries to push his feelings aside he is very attracted to her.

Eden and Bishop don’t just hit it off instantly he has a grumpy exterior and every time Eden puts herself in danger he is there to step in and save her much to Edens dislike. Bishop very early on it protective and very alpha towards Eden he makes sure she has a safe place to stay and when she isn’t around in person she sure as hell is in his mind.

“You getting sick of rescuing me, Bishop?” I tried for flirty, but his face lost all traces of humor. “Never.”

When these two finally let there walls down we have the pleasure of reading some very HOT sex scenes these two can not get enough of each other. Although physically they are on fire but mentally both of them are carrying a past which neither has shared with the other and this can only mean trouble especially where Dom Casso is involved.

“I’m totally out of my league with him. He’s all tough and tattooed and way too sexy for his own good.”

While these two are together we have some major swoony moments. Bishop makes it clear to all his old flames that he very much is off the market and this isn’t something they take well. He knows that his feelings for her are growing deeper and these are feeling that he is not used to, in his past he doesn’t settle and after one night with a woman he doesn’t go back for seconds, he doesn’t go on dates and he doesn’t care what they do after he is finished with them but Eden has changed all this in him because with her he cares about everything she does and whats to spend as much time as possible with her OMG!!!! Poor Eden has her head and heart in turmoil over Bishop because although she has strong feelings for him she knows that whatever time her phone rings to say that she must return home she will have to leave Bishop behind and that she no longer will have her freedom again.

She’s everything I’m not.
Full of fire and life. An innocent where I’m a sinner.
I want to consume her. Protect her. Keep her.

This book really kicks in to action when Eden is kidnapped that is when we learn of all the secrets that lie between this couple but as Bishop lays his feelings on the line he knows he must face his demons in the hope of saving Edens life because this big hunk of a man loves her bones!!!!!

I loved this book and give it a well deserved 5+ stars. Meghan March’s books are always a read that I would pick up and just know that I will enjoy.

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