Review…..Beloved -Corinne Michaels


This book holds the most beautiful story of two every strong individuals who carry a past which haunts them everyday find each other by chance. The gripping story line that deals with love, loss, secrets, betrayal and hope that things can be different….

Catherine Pope is a successful publicist who is engaged to Neil, they plan to marry in a few months and the day the wedding invites arrive Catherine leans about Neil’s affair with her friend. Catherine is devastated  but she throws herself in to her work and tries to put her life back together. Neil’s cheating on Catherine opened old wounds for her as everyday she tries to deal with the fact that her father left her and her mother when she was small and remembers begging him not to leave, so she now feels like yet another man in her life has let her down. In hope to help cheer Catherine up her friends take her out to dinner and on the way back from the ladies she takes a stubble and accidentally lands on a very handsome mans lap and this is Catherine’s first encounter with the one and only Jackson Cole.

Jackson Cole is the CEO of Raven Cosmetics and a former SEAL. He is pleasing to the eye on every level. Jackson hires Catherine to help him with the publishing matter at Raven Cosmetics but neither of them know that they have already met until she has agreed to the job and its time to meet her new client in person.

” Your Catherine Pope?? he asks, sounding amused as he tries to smother a grin”  

This was the start of Catherine and Jackson’s journey. Jackson made it clear that her found her very attractive but poor Catherine was struggling to contain her composer as a professional publicist. When a business trip takes them out of town together she simply couldn’t resist him any longer but made it clear that it would have to remain a secret while they worked together.

The chemistry between these two was unbelievable they were drawn to each other and reading it you could sense there connection it was so beautifully written. The tender moments that they shared were breathtaking as they both showed glimpses of their lives previously and the heartbreak that they both had went through. This was where I felt like they were a perfect fit because all both of them wanted to do was protect the other,the warmth and compassion that they showed each other was fabulous!!!!!

But as this is Book One of the Belonging Duet it leaves us wanting to know more so we must read BEHOLDEN to find out more…………………

Two troubled souls carrying guilt that was never their fault but will they lean on each other or will they let it tear them apart…………

My Favorite Line in this Book………………………….

” I don’t know where it is, but I know I want to be around you, I know I thought about you every day and every night since we’ve met. There are a lot of things we need to learn about each other. But you fell in to my life and I won’t let you fall out. So whatever this is….. its ours”


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