Review…..A Red Hot Christmas in Paris


A great Christmas holiday read, it has hot alpha males, steamy sex and a happily ever after…….

Luc and Lulu DeGrande are the perfect couple he is a dominant male and she is the woman who stole his heart. Luc only has eyes for Lulu and his love for her goes beyond anything in this world. Luc and Lulu have two children Tristan and Lottie, this was Lotties first Christmas and before the festivities got going they decided to take a short vacation together with their friends Coco and Hunter to Paris. Since there last child was born they have found it more difficult to get time alone and just be a couple. Luc adores Lulu he never has enough time with her and her happiness is the most important thing in the world to him.

Coco and Hunter are friends of Luc and Lulu. They have been seeing each other for a while now but a previous relationship to holding Hunter back from expressing his true feeling for Coco. Coco loves Hunter dearly and wants to have a life with him where they share everything but she doesn’t want to push him incase he runs the other direction. Coco is desperate to have a baby of her own she has a condition where if she leaves it too long she won’t be able to conceive and this worries her but she doesn’t want to ask Hunter incase he doesn’t want a child with her.

Both couples have a very high sex drive and this vacation seems to enhance their need for each other even more. Lulu and Luc enjoy more dominant and submissive roles in the bedroom and in there playroom at home where as Coco and Hunter just enjoy being together and as they have grew closer as a couple there sex life as taken another level also.

Both couples are enjoying a well earned break before Christmas but trouble is always around the corner and it strikes when there jet breaks down and the part can’t be delivered until after christmas. Tempers run high and Lulu is devastated that she may miss Lotties first Christmas and have to break the promise she made to her son that she would be home Christmas Eve can Luc make this right and can Hunter express his true feelings for Coco and give her what she always wanted………

I enjoyed this book it was light hearted and an easy read it didnt grip me or have me unable to put it down but I did enjoy it. This book is perfect to read over the Christmas holidays…….

In received an ARC in exchange for an honest review I give this book a 3.5 stars.

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