Idol Review – Kristen Callihan


Libby & Killians story had me on edge the whole way through I loved everything about them.

Killian is a famous rock star, he’s the lead singer to the band Kill John. He arrives on his motorbike drunk and ruins Libbys lawn which she isn’t too impressed about. But after telling him off and turning the hose on him she takes him in for the night.

Liberty Bell aka Libby is a young woman who lives by herself in a farmhouse that was left to her parents by her grandmother. Libby’s parents died a year ago and she has been living alone since. Libby is beautiful, talented and witty she definitely had me laughing out loud during this book….

After Killian sobered up and Libby let her guard down the chemistry between them was off the scale and this came across really well in the writing of this book. There relationship grew through trust, friendship and honesty but most of all they believed in each other as individuals.

The best part for me in the book was when Killian told Libby who he actually was. She had all his albums and loved his music but because she lived her life detached from social media or television she had never seen a picture of him so poor Libby had no idea that Killian James was her “lawn bum”?

The magic of this book was it was consumed with love in a way that they always put each other first and not their own feelings, it was all about what would be best for the other person even if it hurt really bad…..

The most romantic part in this book was when Killian sent his manager Scottie and cousin Brenna to see Libby and give her letters which Killian had wrote to her in the hope that she would join him in New York… Omg I thought my heart was going to bust ????

Killian & Libby’s story is a fantastic read and I loved the way it was written so it’s a definite must this summer…….

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