A Million Dirty Secrets Review – C.L Parker

million dirty secrets

I was recommended this book by a friend at a time when I didn’t know what to read next. At first I wasn’t sure what to make of it but I found in the first few chapter that i knew I was going to love this story. Lanie and Noah’s story is full of humour, innocence, family loyalty and suspense…..

Lanie Talbot is a young beautiful woman with a terminally ill mother who needs an operation. Lanie’s father had to give up work to care for her mother and no job means no health insurance. To help save her mothers life Lanie decides to auction herself at a sex club but what made Lanie a very interesting bid is that she is a Virgin!!!!!

“And probably the most valuable asset of all is that her innocence is completely in tact. 

This, my fine gentlemen, is a Grade A Virgin.

Unsullied, untouched…. pure as the fresh fallen snow.

Perfect to train…. No?

With that said, lets start the bidding at one million dollars and may the luckiest bastard win” 

Noah Crawford a wealthy businessman who purchases Lanie for two million dollars. This arrangement for Noah was about having the same woman in his bed every night attending to his every need, a fantasy for most men but Noah thought he could just buy that fantasy No strings attached or No emotions!!

“Ten minutes to purchase her.

One Hour to get her lips wrapped around my c**k.

Three days to taste her juices. Four days to pop her cherry.

Two weeks to loose my fucking mind shit”

Lanie and Noahs journey together was amazing, at the beginning they both had their masks firmly in place to play their roles of master and sex slave but as feeling and emotions crept in to there relationship the masks began to slip….. The banter between them both was fantastic and I am yet to read another book that has such strong chemistry between a couple and this was displayed so well by C.L Parker in the writing of the books. Lanie’s use of words for certain body parts had me laughing while reading she referred her lady bits as ” Double Agent Coochie” and called Noah’s Colossal cock “Wonder Peen” absolutely hilarious as she talked about them in the third person…..

“The cooch squealed in delight when she was finally reunited with wonder peen.

I could almost see the star-crossed lovers as they ran across a

field of daisies to be in each others arms”

A Million Dirty Secrets is the first book of the Million Dollar Duets Series, so book one does end with a cliffhanger but Book 2 is available to buy so all is good……

This is one of my Top 10 favourite books its not your typical boy meets girl story but Noah and Lanie’s story is of two people who enter in to an arrangement that was never for them to fall in love but to help both of them through difficult periods in their lives and maybe for Noah to heal old wounds. The tender moments that were displayed in the books were romantic and heart warming and definitely had me swooning….. what woman wouldn’t like her man driving four hours to see her in the middle of the night because he misses her!!!!!!

” Your worth every penny I spent for you and more. Happy Anniversary Delanie”

They both started out their journey together as strangers but ended as the most important person in each others lives but it was not plain sailing to get to where they ended but you must read the book to find that out…..http://amzn.to/28Q0Nfl

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