About Lainey

Hi Everyone

I’m a 32 year old mother of two and have been married for seven years. I started reading a little over a year ago and have never been without a book since I can firmly say it is most definitely my main hobby.

I love contemporary romance books that get my heart racing and keep me wake till three in the morning because I just cant put it down. When choosing my books the only preference I have is that there is a happy ending and no cliff hangers. I do enjoy the alpha male and the witty female who are completely drawn to each other then put in maybe a murder or a sex club to spice things up it just makes your heart swoon a little……:)  I refuse to start reading a new series if all books are not released yet my heart couldn’t take the suspense. I most definitely have some books that I have read more than once just like we all have that favourite film that we watch over and over again because there is just something in that film that grips something in our hearts.

A little about this page I decided to start a blog as I love talking about books and when my friends and I are reading the same book its great fun hearing all there thoughts and we always joke about how its just like real life… when we have that one story gripping at our heart strings. Through this blog I want to connect with fellow book lovers and the authors of all these unforgettable romances. I want to hear all about your favourite books and if I haven’t read it yet I will add it to my list.  So I hope you all enjoy this blog feel free to leave me comments and messages and I promise to answer each and everyone one!!


Lainey x