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Review…..The Baby Clause by Melanie Moreland


This book was such a lovely peek in to what the future holds for Katy and Richard after The Contract.

At the end of The Contract Richard had come to terms with the fact he was going to be a father and this book takes us on the journey of the birth and months following Gracie’s birth.

Katy as always is the person who grounds Richard and he in return is her strength. Katy always knows what Richard needs and he knows when he looks in her eyes that she understands his distress.

In this book you will see that Richard is besotted with his baby daughter and is a very hands on dad. These new parents go through the months of no sleep and their world is turned upside down with this one little person that they would move the earth for if they could.

This is a short book but a lovely read and a few surprises along the way if you loved The Contract this is a definite must read.

I was given an ARC for an honest review