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Review……The Distance Between Us by Abigail Davies

distance between us

Can Kitty and Charlie close the distance between them…….

This is Book 3 in The Mac Security Series and I do think every book just keeps getting better. This book is consuming on such a high level and at no stage will you feel it boring or predictive. Kitty and Charlie’s story has been one that we have seen glimpses of throughout the series but the actual story you will not see coming……

Kitty is a member of the Mac Security team. She’s a brave, strong independent woman who lives for her job and is loyal to her work colleagues. Kitty has always kept her feelings for Charlie close to her heart never allowing the hard exterior to slip but how long can that last for anyone. When Kitty goes undercover to do a job she ends up getting shot and this is when we see Kitty really struggle, she has been taking pills to get her through the day before her injury and now we see the addict within struggle to hide her addiction from the people she loves.

Charlie is a Ty’s brother (Kitty’s Boss). He met Kitty before she even started working at the compound and they have had this “relationship” where they use each other to satisfy each others needs and don’t talk about again but this is going on ages. Charlie’s wife died and he has never really dealt with that issue and this book shows Charlie’s POV on his wife’s death and his true feelings for Kitty.

This book will draw you in at the first sentence and leave you on the edge of your seat the whole way through. It has addressed the subject of addiction and not only from the addicts POV but the man she loves. We see the daily struggles that Kitty has to endure and her lowest breaking point but can Charlie to her back together or is he too broken himself.

We read a true romantic side to this book also, two people who truely love each other and who are made for each other in more ways than they even can imagine. I felt reading it that all I wanted Kitty to do was talk to Charlie and tell him how she really felt but shes a stubborn woman and kept me hanging. We see more of the other members of the Mac Security team and get to know them a little better too.

This book took me on a rollercoaster of emotion. It left me loving this series more than I thought possible and admiring the strength and courage that Charlie and Kitty show.

I give this book a well deserving 5+ stars I absolutely love it……

Review….Playing to Win by Karen Frances

Playing to Win Ebook Cover

Will Jess and Fletcher find their happily ever after……..

With Book 1 ending with a cliffhanger and leaving us all wanting more this book give us all of that and more. This book takes us on yet another emotional ride through this couples relationship and leaves us wondering will they find their happy ending???

Fletcher Adams would move mountains to be with Jess, to protect her, take any stress away and stay right by her side for as long as she lets him. Leading his life as a high profile footballer always comes with your private life being invaded by the media and he tries to protect Jess from this as long as possible as he didn’t want them digging in to her personal life. But he reaches a time where its Jess that decides how they handle things and he does whatever makes her happy because as we see in this book Fletcher Adams is completely “pussy whipped” lol…..

Jess is slowly rebuilding her life and her business has never been better. She can’t quite put a name on how she feels about Fletcher but she knows that when shes with him she feels safe and happy. Jess’s ex-boyfriend has left her with debt and baggage that only she can deal with and we watch as she grows stronger and more confident again. In this book Jess learns to be an empowered woman again and how to leave the victim behind. This whole series shows how domestic abuse should not happen but highlights when it can happen, how it can happen and the damage that it can cause and the scars that always remain but yet again Karen Frances nailed it.

This book was the perfect ending to a fantastic series, there was nothing left unanswered. This couple healed each other, accepted each other and there faults. They dealt with ex-boyfriends, crazy blonde women who would do anything to make money, health problems, family and when all that was done they both realised that they loved each other unconditionally and as they watched the sun rise and fall they too fell more in love than ever.

This was the perfect ending I enjoyed every moment that I spent reading this series. The epilogue made my heart swoon even though time had passed between Jess and Fletcher the chemistry always remained and he adored her. Jess gave Fletcher more than he could ever have wished for in his lifetime and she sooo owned him. This couple gets their happily ever after and they totally deserve it after all they go through.

I give this book a well deserving 5 stars I loved it..

I was given an ARC for an honest review…

Review……Playing the Game by Karen Frances


Emotional, Heartbreaking and totally gripping……………

Jessica (Jess) Taylor is the heroine in this book and she is a strong successful woman who has been subjected to domestic abuse by her partner. Jess’s partner attacked her while she was pregnant resulting in her being hospitalised. Jess struggles to come to terms with what has happened and goes through some very low times in the days following her attack. Jess returns to stay with her parents after being discharged from the hospital and this is when she first meets Fletcher Adams.

Fletcher Adams is a high profile footballer who returns to Scotland to deal with his inheritance from his grandmother. Fletcher has changed to play for Scotland and has decided that a quiet life might be what he needs. He has the reputation of a womanizer and loves a good party. His life is constantly in the papers for good and bad reasons. Fletcher meets Jess’s parents when he is at his grandmother’s house and they rush out to head to the hospital after hearing of their daughters attack to find that their car wouldn’t start. Fletcher steps in and takes them to the hospital and is horrified to hear what has happened.

Fletcher’s first glance of Jess is the day she is discharged from the hospital and when he ends up carrying her to bed as she almost passes out outside her parents house. He is instantly drawn to protecting her and he hasn’t even spoke to her. In the days after she consumes his thoughts and he constantly wonders how she is.

This book covers the topic of domestic abuse and it was handled perfectly. Karen Frances wrote it in a dual POV which led to knowing how Jess was feeling and the struggles she endured daily and also with Fletcher as they both grew closer how he responded to her insecurities. These scenes left me wanting to know more they were very emotional and reading how low Jess really felt was heartbreaking.

Fletcher and Jess grew close quickly and she felt safe with him. Fletcher adored Jess and all he wanted to do was protect her. For Jess entering in to a sexual relationship with Fletcher didn’t take that long considering what she had been through but that showed the kind of connection was between them. Although this couple are perfect for each other they both have a long way to go before they can be completely together.

This book covered some very heavy topics and alot of the scenes completely tore at my heart but then they was a whole different side of it too. This book had a romantic story of two people healing each other and falling in love quite quickly. It has scorching sex scenes, swoony moments and some funny parts too.

I truly enjoyed this book and I really can’t wait to read Play to Win…..

I give this book a 4.5 stars…..

I was given an ARC for an honest review

Review…..Never the Bride by Charlotte Fallowfield


Abbie Carter, disaster Carter but will Miller Davies still love her……………

Abbie Carter is a very successful self-employed accountant. When here father passed away he left her his cottage in Dilbury Village so Abbie moved her life from the city to the country and it was where she felf happiest. In collage she made a pack with 14 of her friends that they would all be bridemaids for each other when they got married and now poor Abbie who is starting to have a very large collection of bridesmaids dresses is  wondering will she her find her prince charming. Abbie is known for making a fool of herself and when each wedding comes around she hopes that it will go by and she is still fully intact by the end of it but to her luck one mishap at the alter lead to the bestman being no other than drop dead georgous Miller Davies.

Miller Davies is a successdul businessman in New York. He had several friends in England who recently all decided to tie the knot but when he was asked to be bestman he couldn’t believe his luck when he laid eyes on Abbie Carter. Miller had never had a girlfriend he was brought up in foster care and had no family. He never give love a thought he just moved from one woman to another but when he spotted Abbie at his friends wedding he knew she was different and there was an instant attraction between them but how would the long distance relationship work….

Abbie and Millers first encounter was when she headed for a walk through the gardens at the wedding and she got caught in the sprinklers, Miller had went out to warn her that they were about to go off but it was too late and they both got soaked. Miller offered to let her shower and clean up in his suite and between the jigs and the reels Abbie told him she would meet him downstairs at the wedding reception. Unfortunately Miller at to return suddenly to New York as a work matter came up but he did give Abbie a letter which she binned.

Abbie felt unlucky in love but also very set in her ways that she thought that if a man really wanted her he would chase her……

This book was absolutely hilarious Mr Sumo Abbie’s dog gets his own part of the story and you get a great insight in to the people of Dilbury Village and how they all impact on Abbie’s life.

Abbie and Miller do try the long distance relationship for a while but with each parting it gets harder and harder to say goodbye. When they finally have the talk about there relationship they both admit that they love each other but neither of them are ready to make the move across the water. There is a lingering in this part of the story because although they decide they can’t be together if none of them will make the move.  This is where we see that neither of them want to move on all they want is each other. Can these two make it work, will there come a time for each of them when all that matters is being with each other and having a life together or will they leave it till its all too late…..

This book is a light hearted girly book, it will lift your spirits and make you laugh uncontrollably. The epilogue will make your heart swoon and I love how it moves on five years and leaves us with how there lives are to be. Charlotte Fallowfields writing is as always flawless and that what I always enjoy about reading her books shes a fantastic writer and I always look forward to her next book.

I give this book a well deserving 5 stars

I was given an ARC for an honest review.

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