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Lainey’s Book Blog’s Top 20 Books of 2016

  1. Say You Want Me by Corinne Michaels.….. This book completely consumed me and I loved it from start to finish. When I think of the books I have read this year its the first that comes to my mind so for that reason it has scored number one on my list.
  2. Say You’ll Stay by Corinne Michaels.….. I was taken by surprise with this book and it was the first book ever to make me ugly cry. The storyline squeezed my heart and found a definite spot there.
  3. Stuck-Up Suit by Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward…… I found this book so funny and adored the storyline. I have recommended this book to so many people and they all loved it.
  4. Womanizer by Katy Evans.….. From the minute I received the ARC for this book I couldn’t wait to read it and I wasn’t disappointed. I couldn’t put this book down I read it in a day so it definitely earned its place at number 4.
  5. King of Wall Street by Louise Bay.….. Louise Bay is one of those writers that any book she writes is fab but I really loved this one. Its sexy, witty and romantic all in one.
  6. Grey by E.L James.….. I think this book speaks for itself how can we not love it………
  7. Big Rock by Lauren Blakely.…. Its sexy, fun and has a hot alpha male whats not to like. I love all Lauren Blakely books and this was no exception.
  8. The Contract by Melanie Moreland….. I stumbled upon this book and loved it. Its a real story of loyality and love with a fantastic heroine.
  9. Idol by Kristen Callihan.…. If you download this book you definitely won’t be disappointed its fabulous. My favourite rockstar romance of 2016.
  10. Fractured Lies By Abigail Davies.… This book was a OMG book. It gripped me from the start and had me reading to all hours. It was the first book that I had read from this author but it definitely won’t be the last. A story that will have you on edge the whole way through.
  11. Exposed by Abigail Davies…. This is book 2 of the MAC Security series and I feel they both deserve a place on this list. I like a book to leave me thinking about it for days and that what these did. It covers all issues trust, love, betrayal, hurt, danger and hot males I don’t need to say any more….
  12. Until We Collide by Charlotte Fallowfield.… If you want a rom com that will make your belly sore from laughing this is your book. I was asked if I would be interested reviewing this book and I’m so glad I said yes because its a great read.
  13. Boss Man by Vi Keeland…... This book was fun, sexy and another great book from Vi Keeland she never disapoints. Alot of banter between the characters in this book its fab
  14. Torn by C.J Fallowfield…..This book left its mark the story was gripping and I found it really hard to put down. I felt that it was a story about love, trust, loyality and fate such a fab read.
  15. Beneath the Shadows by Meghan March.….When this book came out I couldn’t wait to read it. Alpha males with tattoos and man buns be still my beating heart. Meghan’s books scream with gripping storylines and hot sex scenes and this one was no different.
  16. Sweet Cheeks by K.Bromberg……Second chance romance story how could I not love it. It had me swooning all over the place.
  17. Dirty Billionaire Trilogy by Meghan March.…..I know this book wasn’t newly released in 2o16 but I read it this year and OMG I am so glad I did. I read the three books in four days could hardly put them down.
  18. Beloved by Corinne Michaels…… If you have read this book the only thing I need to say is JACKSON…..
  19. Ladies Man by Katy Evans….. Cocky alpha male billionaire whats not to love. #love# #Tahoe#
  20. Marriage Games by CD Reiss…..Its book one and I cannot wait for book two. This book is seriously HOT and I cannot wait to see how its all going to end with Adam and Diana….

Review……Exposed by Abigail Davies


Consuming and Totally Amazing…..

This is book two in the MAC Security Series and once you have read Fractured Lies you will be downloading this straight away.

Previously we met Kaylee and Tyson in Fractured Lies and learned there back ground and how they met. Kaylee and Tyson have there first experience of problems that may occur in there relationship when both of them have a past. This book is about there worlds colliding and the pasts that both of them most definitely didn’t want to see again becomes EXPOSED…..

The chemistry and trust that lay between Kaylee and Tyson in this book was amazing. He always knew what she needed and he treated her little boy Eli like he was his own son. There relationship very early on became a FOREVER for both of them….. major swoon!!!!!!!!!!!

There is a great sense of family unity between the workers in MAC Security and that runs through the whole book and also goes for Eli that little boy has new uncles and an auntie that adore him. Eli is the centre of there worlds preschool runs, movie watching anything his wee heart desires. I just love this………

In this book we see a new Kaylee, she is a stronger brighter woman. Kaylee had come so far from the abuse she endured at the hands of Eli’s father Max. She had to recover from intensive enjuries but with Tyson taking care of her she bounced back. For a good few weeks after the attack she found that staying behind the gates of the compound was a safety net but she knew she must venture past them. With Tysons help and encouragement she did.

The job they are all working on it taking up alot of time and they don’t seem to be getting any further but with Tysons wife (only legally) showing up and being a major suspect they desperately need to get better leads. But just when everything is going well trouble strikes and Kaylee is in major danger. Just when Tyson learns of Kaylee being taken Corey Kaylee’s brother shows up and wants to know where she is and to add more fuel to the situation he hasn’t been told about Kaylee and Tysons relationship. Tensions are running high and its time to call in all favours no matter what they cost. Can Tyson save Kaylee before its too late…..

I love love loved this whole series it had me on edge for the whole two books. I felt like I couldn’t put it down, the love and affection between Kaylee and Tyson had we swooning, then all the drama with MAC Security had me on edge and then Eli that wee boys life changed so much for the better and reading how much his confidence was rebuilt pulled on my heart strings.

I gave this book a well deserving 5 stars…

I was provided with an ARC for an honest review!!!!!!!

Review……Fractured Lies by Abigail Davies


This book will tear at your heart strings, make you crazy mad and have you on edge the whole way through….

Kaylee is a young twenty-two year old woman who has a lovely little boy called Eli. Kaylee got pregnant  to her long-term boyfriend Max. When Kaylee fell pregnant Max took care of her and vowed to stand by her. After Kaylee got pregnant Max became abusive when she didn’t do things to his pleasing.

When it was time for Eli to start pre-school Kaylee felt lost without him, she spent her days cleaning the house which she did in no time and then sat waiting until school would end and she would get to see Eli again. Kaylee’s brother Corey worked again and they hadn’t seen each other in 4 years but he did try and call her every Saturday. On one phone call he told her that his friend was looking for someone to do office work and said that he would send on the number. Kaylee knew that Max didn’t approve that of her wanted to work so she decided to go behind his back and get herself an interview.

Tyson is the owner of MAC Security and also a good friend of Kaylee’s brother Corey. When Kaylee met for her interview he was instantly drawn to her and knew she would be perfect for the job. Tyson was very pleasing to the eye and this didn’t go unnoticed by Kaylee.

Kaylee was the happiest she had ever been working and she was able to keep it from Max but knew that she wouldn’t be able to do that forever. She also found herself keeping secrets from Tyson her boss when Max had busted her face against the fridge door because his dinner wasn’t ready in time. She told them that she feel over poor Kaylee lived her life in a web of lies just for the good of her and her sons life.

The attraction between Kaylee and Tyson thickened and when Max took Kaylee out for a night and the bar they walked in to Tyson was sitting there the fireworks. Tyson and Kaylee had shared some moments previously but when she headed to the ladies and he followed that was a whole different moment.

The chemistry between these two was unreal every look, every touch, word, smile and even wink. Tyson was able to read Kaylee like a book and knew what she needed before she did.

This book was unbelievable completely had me on edge the whole time. I really felt for Kaylee because she at one point she did love Max and because of the abuse he had her thinking that if she only did what he wanted life would be better for her and Eli. She struggled keeping it all together but the one thing she was sure of was that Eli was her main priority always….

When Max found out about her job I wasn’t ready for this at all my heart was breaking for her. But because of her job and her own inner strength she managed to get away and Tyson and her other work colleagues were there to help and take care of her and Eli. Kaylee escaped death at the hands of a man that was suppose to love her and she knew how lucky she was.

This book was fantastic I really didn’t want to put it down alot of twists and turns, alot of chemistry, some hurt, some betrayal and one major cliffhanger my poor heart Abigail Davies……

I give this book a well deserving 5 stars….

I was provided with an ARC for an honest review!!!!

Click the link get your copy today…….

Favourite Quote

My eye closed as he breath flowed across my neck, a shiver rolling through me.

“Sweetheart” he whispered

“What are you doing to me?”

Review….One Moment by Danielle Dickson


Heartfelt story about two young people who try to come to terms with a terrible loss but can they please meet Sammy and Connor…….

Sammy is the girl whos mother is an alcoholic and at a young age poor Sammy had to drop out of school to earn enough money to support herself and her younger brother Tommy. Sammy was a smart girl and because she was such a great student the school agreed for her to study at home and still be able to sit her exams. Sammy’s life was hard and she lacked support from her mother and her life got worse when she had to deal with the loss of her brother Tommy at such a young age.

Connor was Sammy’s best friend. When he moved to her school she helped him settle in and before they knew it they did everything together. Everyone thought they were a couple but they weren’t. Connor’s stepfather wasn’t a very nice man and would beat his mother often and he would confide in Sammy about this so together they helped each other through…..

The night of Tommys death Connor came home and his mother told him to pack that they had to leave because his stepfather was going to hurt him so before he knew it he was packing and leaving town. Connor left with a heavy heart because he knew that Sammy needed him, he thought of her constantly but couldn’t bring himself to contacting her.

Years pass with this couple and they carry guilt with them day in dayout. Connor every year comes back to the spot where Tommy died but never seen Sammy until this one time. Sammy is furious when she sees him there after all this time. After Connor’s encounter with Sammy her vows to make her hear him out before he returns to his life and he must get her bestfriend Keeley on side for this. Keeley isn’t pleased that her friend is so upset about his return but when he explains what really happened she agrees to set up a meeting.

The meeting doesn’t go well but the events that happen afterwards make Sammy see things more clearly but has she left it too late or will she follow him…..

I really enjoyed this book it took me a little while to get in to it but it was worth the wait. Just so you all know it ends on a cliffhanger……

This book is filled with emotion and will definitely pull at the heart strings. Some very real issues dealt with in this book and yes some major swooning also. Its a true second chance romance book and I give it a well deserving 4 stars…

Favourite Quote

” To tell you I can’t go on pretending you don’t mean everything to me anymore. I love you. I always have and I always will.”

Review….. Womanizer by Katy Evans


Can a billionaire womanizer fall for just one woman even if she is his bestfriends sister???

Livvy Roth is a beautiful smart young woman who has one main plain in life. Get her 3 month internship in Chicago over so she return to Texas and get a job closer to home. Livvy wants to run her own business and meet the man of her dreams when she is 28 and then have children it all seems black and white until she meets a very attractive co-worker on the terrace at work smoking. Livvy is open and fun she is desperate to make friends in the city and when she ends up on the terrace by chance she makes the most of the situation and asks this fine man for a HIT!!

Callan Carmichael is a billionaire and complete womanizer. When his bestfriend asked would he let his sister carry out her internship at his company offcourse he wanted to help a friend but he wouldn’t just hire anyone either so he got her to forward her details and when everything looked right he agreed. Callan is a smoker and when in the office he uses the terrece to smoke nothing odd about that until he is interrupted by the most beautiful woman he ever seen and she asked him for a HIT.

Callan or Livvy at this stage have no idea who the other is but there is one thing they cannot deny the chemistry between them is on fire….

As they both continue to meet on the terrace they eventually take the plunge and go for a drink or three. This is when one thing leads to another and Livvy seduces Callan and they share the most perfect night of there lives together. Everything is perfect until they are awoken the following morning by Callan’s mobile and when he talks to the person on the other end of the phone who is Tahoe Livvy’s brother they both know in that instant what they had done.

Livvy spends days staying out of Callans way but she can’t shake the longing for him. Callan knows what he has done is wrong but he can’t get her out of his head and this is strange to him because he had never wanted a woman like this before.

They give in to each other time and time again and they say they shouldn’t be doing this but they are completely taken with each other. The chemistry and the sex scenes are on fire absolutely fantastic. I love how Katy Evans can do this in every single book it blows me away.

The thing about Callan and Livvy’s relationship is she thinks that its only a fling and he’s waiting to get bored of her but thats just not happening. Livvy is very torn as she is developing feelings for Callan but she knows hes a player and none of these feelings are fitting into her life plan. She tells herself contantly that her career is all that matters.

But with all their sneeking around and things being so perfect between them they leave it too late to tell Tahoe and he walks in on them. Major explosion and this is the part where so much happens…..

Will she tell him she loves him?

Will he ask her to stay?

Will he be there for her when she needs him most?

Will Tahoe and Callan make amends?

This is why you all must download your copy today. I loved loved loved this book and give it a well deserving 5+ stars. It will make your pulse race and grab at your heart strings. If you like humour too Livvy has a fabulous personality……

My favourite line:

“Show me”

“Show you what?”

“Your underwear” he says

I laugh

“What are you fifteen?”

He grinds me against him,

reminding me that he most definitely is not fifteen

I was given an ARC in exchange for an honest review…….