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Review…… Torn by C.J Fallowfield



All I can say it OMG C.J Fallowfield you have completely blown me away with this outstanding book. It was full of anticipation, heartache, love, loss and hope.

Skye Torres had just moved to Nevada with her parents and was due to start college. Skye was a beautiful young woman but had no interest in boys romantically but with her love of video games she had male friends. On Skyes first trip out exploring in her new town she got a flat tyre on her bike and went in to the nearest garage to see if she could get it fixed this is when she first lay eyes on Nate Hudson. He agreed to fix her tyre and sent her across to the local diner to wait and this is when he introduced her to his brother Josh and cousin Billy.

Nate Hudson was drop dead gorgeous and the oldest of the three. His father died a few years ago and he took over his role in the family of looking after everyone. His mother was an alcoholic so Nate took care of all the household bills and tried to finish college. The chemistry between Skye and him straight away was something she had never experienced before and he wanted her…..

“You look perfect to me” he purred

Josh had the looks and the brains where Billy lacked in looks he made up for in humour but there was no mistaken the fact that they both were completely taken with Skye too but who will she want.

Skye got on well with all three boys and when she started college having Billy and Josh there with her was a great support to her they were best friends but Nate was a player with the women and although he had always made his feelings clear to Skye she was scared that he would break her heart…..

The only way Skye could make a decision about which of these three was to go on a date with all of them individually but at the end Nate held her heart and Josh and Billy were crushed.

Nate and Skye were on fire when they were together instantly they were what each other needed inside and outside the bedroom. The sex scenes in the book between these two were so intense and full of want and love.

Events and situations that take place in this book that you will never see coming and they will have you reaching for the tissues. Over the course of four years you read the loss and heartache that poor Skye goes through. It’s a time where she feels alone, angry, sad and sometimes lost. It’s was a truly heartbreaking time and this emotion comes through so well in the writing of this book.

This was an absolutely amazing book that took me completely by surprise I love how C.J.Fallowfield goes through the life of her characters and you never feel cheated at the end I loved the epilogue it had swooning away.

I give this book a well deserving 5+ stars

My favourite line:

“No matter what we have been through or the scars we bear, your still mine and I’m still yours”


Review…..Lick by Kylie Scott


WOW!!! This series is seriously hot I loved it so much….

What happens when you wake up in Vegas married, a sexy tattooed man in you room and the mother of all hangovers…… David and Evelyn happens

Evelyn Thomas is celebrating her 21st Birthday and decided to do it in style with her best friend Lauren in Vegas! Her life takes a roller coaster ride when she wakes up in her hotel room with a very hot tattooed male, an awful hangover and she’s MARRIED!!! Evelyn had no memory of the night before and has no idea who her new husband is until she arrives home to Portland. Arriving at her parents house the media is everywhere and then the revelation that she has only went and married David Ferris from the famous band Stage Dive. Let the fun begin…….

“No” I said swallowing hard “what did we do last night?” “We got fucking married” he growled

David Ferris is the guitarist of the band Stage Dive and a very attractive tattooed male, woman constantly through themselves at him but he set his sights on Evelyn in Vegas because she was different from the rest. So when she can’t remember anything about what happened between them in Vegas he was left hurt at her reaction. But David told Evelyn before she left that he would get the divorce sorted and true to his words he got the wheels in motion but he knew the media frenzy his recent marriage would cause so he arranged for Evelyn to come to him in L.A until things died down. Would the Divorce papers ever be signed…..

In L.A David’s lawyers have all the papers ready for signing but Evelyn who was left alone to deal with them got completely overwhelmed with talk of settlements that she fled the house but when David’s band mate saw her upset he brought her to his house to give her space but he doesn’t forget to let David know where she is. David arrives and they both agree to go away for a few days to his house.

David’s feelings for Evelyn are always there but he’s hurt at her lack of memory of there marriage so he’s trying to deal with that and fight the fact that she’s all he wants but Evelyn she’s extremely attracted to David but doesn’t know how to show it or if he will feel the same. But they can’t fight it forever and when these two get together the intensity, sincerity and obvious love that they have developed for each other is beautiful.

“I don’t want to sign the divorce papers on Monday”

The chemistry between these too is so HOT and the sex scenes are off the scale but during their time away they start to build a relationship with each other but things are unsaid and this leaves trouble waiting when they arrive back in a L.A. David and Evelyn do spend time apart and this is the saddest part in the book but most of the romantic stuff happen at this time too major swooning moments. David moves his whole life for Evelyn and she doesn’t even know it at first but he refuses to give up on her and is willing to wait as long as it takes for her to come back to him…. OMG how could we not love David Ferris….????

This book is fantastic it’s not predictable it is very funny in parts and you get to meet the other band members of Stage Dive so it’s good grounding for the rest of the series and after reading this one you will definitely read the whole series.

I love this book and give to a well deserving 5 stars….

Review…..The King of Wall Street by Louise Bay


Will Max King get his Queen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What happens when the boss can’t think straight around his new employee this is what happened in Max and Harper’s story.

Max King is a ruthless businessman in Wall Street. He is completely focused on his company and will not allow himself to mix business with pleasure, well that was until her couldn’t get his newest employee Harper Jayne out of his mind. Max thought her to be infuriating and distracting…..

This although was the working Max King but in his personal life he was a single dad with a fourteen year old daughter who  he adored and his life was very different.

Harper Jayne had landed a job of her dreams with King & Associates she had researched the company for years and admired the work of Max King. Unfortunately poor Harper’s opinion of Max was very different when she started working for him. She felt like he had a problem with everything she done and this was starting to upset her more.

” When I’d passed him in the office and smiled at him, the veins in his neck began to bulge and he looked as if he was going to reach out and choke me”

This lovely couple had completely got their wires crossed because Max found Harper very attractive and poor Harper thought he didn’t like her but sure this all changed when Harper moved in to her new apartment in the city. She went upstairs to ask her neighbour to keep the noise down and she came face to face to Max King shirtless. At this moment Max was no longer at work and he couldn’t restrain himself any longer it took Harper by surprise but she wouldn’t have been human if she hadn’t of noticed how attractive he was and this was the start…

“Before she had a chance to tell me again how much she hated me, I hoisted her over my shoulder and carried her into my bedroom”

Max and Harper simply couldn’t stay away from each other and things got a little more complicated when Max’s daughter asked Harper to come shopping with her and Max to get a dress for her school dance. Max’s daughter Amanda loved Harper and constantly told Max to ask her out on a date. This part of the book was fantastic has it showed a whole different side to Max.

But as always love never runs smoothly and when Max has to drop Harper from a major account at work she is devastated and what will this mean for them. Can they fix their differences before its too late and admit their true feelings for each other…..

I really enjoyed this book some major swoony moments and the chemistry that lay between this couple was fantastic to read. Although they had an unbelievable sexual chemistry they also had alot of tender moments where Harper would share her past with Max and he always seemed to be able to put her at ease if she was upset. Watching their relationship grow was the fascinating part of this book, two people who had fallen in love and now were very important in each others lives and they didn’t even know it. Louise Bay has a particular way of writing that when you start one of her books you can’t put it down and this book is no different. Max King is my newest book boyfriend and I give it a 4+ stars.

My favourite line in the book……………..

“Harper,I’ve loved you from the very moment I laid eyes on you. You are already my heart, my soul, my family – and now I want the world to know. As the King of Wall Street I need you to be my queen. Marry me”


Review…….Until We Collide by Charlotte Fallowfield

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Move Over Bridget Jones……Paige Taylor is here and she is Fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is a girly fun-filled book that covers love, life and the hope of finding the happily ever after. I enjoyed it from start to finish. It had me laughing out loud as Paige was a great character and when she and her bestfriend Poppie got together there was always some disaster in store.

The book starts when Paige is eighteen years old and is about to take the next step of heading to collage and this is when she meets Alec Wright. Alec is a few years older than her but they hit it off straight away and instantly there was attraction and chemistry but one problem stood in their way Alec’s girlfriend!!!!

After some time passes Alec and Paige do manage to go on a date and it was fantastic and they even arranged to go out again but Paige is offered the chance of a lifetime and this means leaving Alec behind. They both agree that its not there time to be together and agree that they will carry on with there lives….

“Until We Collide”

This book takes us on the journey of Paige’s life, all the dates her bestfriend Poppie arranges for her, her career choice and all the times that she and Alec collides and the heartache she goes through everyday wondering if they will ever be together because she really loves him……

Paige goes through most of her life not knowing how Alec feels about her and the times they do manage to meet its never the right time for both of them. This was the element of anticipation I didn’t want to put this book down because I wanted to know what was going to happen. I loved how the book starts when Paige is eighteen and ends when she is forty seven its like walking through her life with her.

 I give it 4.5 stars really good read.

Funniest Part of the Book:

“God I’m sorry, but they don’t make life jackets for women with…’he grimaced and mimicked squeezing with both of his hands as he stared at my breasts, making my cheeks colour up”

“Maybe its like doing up a pair of tight jeans, Lie her down and straddle her and get her to breathe in, offered Poppie behind me. I flung her a scowl over my left shoulder”