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The Contract Review – Melanie Moreland



This book was one that I just came across and I loved it. Richard and Katy’s story is full of anticipation, chemistry, commitment, sadness and loyality.

Richard VanRyan is a tyrant by day and a playboy by night. His reputation is no secret to anyone and this has never bothered him until he has to change his ways to get offered a job with a reputable company who have strong family values. This is where Richard makes Katy a proposition much to her surprise….

Katherine (Katy) Elliott is Richard VanRyan’s assistant and is subject to his offensive and tyrant ways in the office day in and day out. The only reason she puts up with him is because she needs the money. Katy’s parents died when she was young and after a tough time in care she was taken in by Penny who raised her as her own and loved her unconditionally. When Penny became ill and Katy could no longer care for her at home, Katy got Penny a room in a good care home but it was taken nearly all her wages a month to keep her there but Katy being the kind hearted person she was didn’t care as long as Penny was happy.

Richard offered Katy a large sum of money to pretend to be his girlfriend and this came as such a surprise to poor Katy as she assumed he hated her and she didn’t care for him much either but they called a truce and what started as girlfriend then led to fiance and then led to wife. Both of them became to rely on each other much to their horror and as time passed and events happened there relationship became something more and “THE CONTRACT” was very much at the back of their minds.

I loved this book you never knew what way it was going to go and the sparks between them was fantastic. I loved how witty Katy could be she was an amazing character in the book and I feel out of all the books I have read she stands out on her own. She was the most kind hearted person and alot of the time Richard did not deserve her kindness. This book was mostly written from Richards POV but I would have loved more chapters from Katy’s POV as she could be very witty.

Best line in the book…………

“Thats it. You want to fuck someone?

Go fuck yourself, VanRyan” 

Say You’ll Stay Review – Corinne Michaels


Heart stopping, gripping and completely amazing. This book had me crying, laughing and swooning all over the place I loved reading it and I loved Zachary and Presley’s story.

Presley is a married woman with twin boys her life it pretty perfect until she arrives home from work to find that her husband has betrayed her and in that one afternoon her whole life has fell apart. Presley and her children have been left with nothing and she must return to her home town in Tennessee and work on her parents ranch to help pay her debts. Presley hates the thought of moving back home as she had not visited the town in over a decade because it shared too many memories of her first love Zachary Hennington.

Zachary Hennington is a cowboy and drop dead gorgeous just for good measure. He and Presley were childhood sweethearts had their whole lives planned out together. One day seventeen years ago everything changed and they both went there separate ways with heavy hearts. Now after such a long time can love be given a second chance when Zachary learns that Presley is back in town.

“I’ve never stopped loving her.

I knew I never had, but now theres no way I can deny it.

I’ve moved on in some ways but Presley…shes everything”

There were some fantastic moments in this book mainly the one where there eyes meet across the bar OMG the sparks were flying they couldn’t take there eyes of each other.

One of the funniest moments for me was when Zachary called to see Presley at her office at the Ranch and she got really mad and threw a stappler at him amount other things.

Zachary and Presley were made to love each other. He knew what she was thinking by the look on her face and being with him gave Presley a sense of comfort and assurance that her life would get better. Zachary was determined that he would wait for Presley until she was ready (major swoon).

” I want to see where this goes, and if it works I want to take care of you.

Theres alot of shit we have to work through. This isn’t going to be easy Darlin’

I don’t ever want to hurt you”

This book is most definitely the perfect example of a second chance romance, of two people who are destined to be together but have taken different paths in the past but are now brought together. It contained a lot of emotion, hurt, grief, betrayal, loss and love but they are were brought across really well by Corinne Michaels in the writing of the book and I feel this is what gripped me to it.

Definitely a book that touched my heart and I couldn’t recommend it enough and I give it a 5+ stars!!!!

My favorite quote from the book……………………..

” I loved you since I was twelve years old.

You were my first kiss, my first love,

the first man to touch me.

I want you to kiss me and I need to kiss you”



Idol Review – Kristen Callihan


Libby & Killians story had me on edge the whole way through I loved everything about them.

Killian is a famous rock star, he’s the lead singer to the band Kill John. He arrives on his motorbike drunk and ruins Libbys lawn which she isn’t too impressed about. But after telling him off and turning the hose on him she takes him in for the night.

Liberty Bell aka Libby is a young woman who lives by herself in a farmhouse that was left to her parents by her grandmother. Libby’s parents died a year ago and she has been living alone since. Libby is beautiful, talented and witty she definitely had me laughing out loud during this book….

After Killian sobered up and Libby let her guard down the chemistry between them was off the scale and this came across really well in the writing of this book. There relationship grew through trust, friendship and honesty but most of all they believed in each other as individuals.

The best part for me in the book was when Killian told Libby who he actually was. She had all his albums and loved his music but because she lived her life detached from social media or television she had never seen a picture of him so poor Libby had no idea that Killian James was her “lawn bum”?

The magic of this book was it was consumed with love in a way that they always put each other first and not their own feelings, it was all about what would be best for the other person even if it hurt really bad…..

The most romantic part in this book was when Killian sent his manager Scottie and cousin Brenna to see Libby and give her letters which Killian had wrote to her in the hope that she would join him in New York… Omg I thought my heart was going to bust ????

Killian & Libby’s story is a fantastic read and I loved the way it was written so it’s a definite must this summer…….

Stuck-Up Suit Review – Vi Keeland & Penelope Ward

stuck up suit

Stuck-Up Suit has to be one of the funniest books I have ever read. Soraya and Grahams relationship is definitely one with a difference….

Graham Morgan is the wealthy owner of Morgan Financial Holdings and just happens to be drop dead gorgeous which is always a bonus. Graham was taking the train to work one morning and he accidentally dropped his phone as he was exiting the train and that was the start of his and Soraya’s journey.

Soraya Venedetta is a young witty and attractive columnist who takes the train to work each morning. Soraya noticed Graham talking on his phone and what drew her attention to him was he was having a rather heated conversation. When Graham exited the train and dropped his phone Soraya picked it up to give it back but Graham was gone. She eventually tracked down who Graham was after having the phone a while and so she headed to Morgan Financial Holdings.

Graham and Soraya’s first encounter ended something like…..

“who the fuck do you think you are…The Wizard of Oz?

I’m pretty sure I would have easier access to Queen Elizabeth” 

and Soraya leaving his phone on his receptionists desk with three pictures of herself on it, one of her cleavage, legs and rear I thought this was absolutely priceless definitely the funniest part of the book for me…

After Graham had his phone back and Soraya had calmed down they began to send texts to each other and at this stage the race was on Graham set out to find Soraya by using the pictures she left on his phone. Then one morning on the train it all happened and the sparks flew as they had there first encounter and they both knew at this stage that the feeling they had for each other were dangerous…..

“You have no idea how dangerous I am when I want something. I will stop at nothing to get it. And there’s nothing more I want right now than you. But if you can honestly tell me now that you have no interest in me, I will walk away, and you’ll never hear from me again. If the fact that you’re shaking in your boots right now is any indication, you’re feeling exactly what I am” 

Soraya brought out the best in Graham as there romance blossomed and he was a support to her with the issues she was carrying with her regarding her father and together the complemented each other. Soraya was witty and fun and changed her hair colour to suit her mood and Graham most definitely was a stuck up suit but opposites attract.

Trouble is never far away in romance and when Graham is dealt with the revelation that he has a daughter from his previous relationship that he knew nothing about and now also had an ex who would like nothing more than to pick up where they left off because she off course is the correct person for Graham and always has been although she did cheat on him with his best friend how nice…………..

I really felt for both of them trying to deal with this awkward situation as Graham only wanted Soraya and to get to know his daughter and try and build a relationship with her but his ex made Soraya feel that if she was not with Graham that her child would have a proper family unit.

“This is a chance for Chloe to have her family. Graham and I have a lot in common. We share a common business, travel in the same social circles and have a child together”

Even through the hard times they had to face together the were still witty and very much in love and love always conquers all……

“I fucking love you, Soraya Venedetta”

“I love you too,Suit. I think I fell in love with you before I even met you” 

I Loved this book it in my top 10 favourite books and most definitely worth the read……..